It’s ok to be ‘the quiet girl’

In my humble 23 years of being on this earth, I have had a go at everything; I have been a knitter, a baker, a hockey player, a vintage enthusiast, a horse rider and many many more things I’m not even going to try and remember them all.
So what’s my point I hear you cry? I didn’t want to do any of it.

I have always felt that I was theIMG_8575 shy, awkward girl in the corner with nothing to add and that I was of no interest to anyone, so to try and solve this I have always wanted to have a ‘thing’. My boyfriend joked that every week I would have a new hobby, buy the necessary equipment and subscribe to the relevant magazine, only to have a new ‘thing’ a month later. If I were to ask my mother to comment here (which I categorically will not) she would roll her eyes and go on to write that even as a kid I was a ballerina one week, a gymnast the next and a wannabe philharmonic violinist the next.

The truth is the same now as it was then – I AM the shy, awkward girl in the corner but actually, that can be interesting. I love to read and that alone fills me with knowledge that not one of the hockey team have and I should be proud of that. I spent years trying to be someone else but myself and not only was it exhausting but I wasted so many hours on things that just didn’t make me happy. If I want to sit quietly on my lunch break with a book and a coffee then hell, why aren’t I doing just that? We should all take a step back from this online life and really figure out who we are and what we enjoy doing before it’s too late.

I feel like life in 2016 ‘FOMO*’ gets us all. We see the girl from work whipping up a crochet blanket of an evening and feel like we should be doing the same. We see every gym session, every wild night out and every cheesy family meal people have and that makes us feel guilty if all we have achieved is getting out of bed and having a coffee by midday.

What I am saying to you all is simply let it go. You don’t want to put on a full face of makeup and post it on Instagram before you pop to the shops, don’t. If you want to go home, have a glass of wine and watch back to back soaps after work, do it.
You will note the name of my blog ‘Just Hollie’. I chose this very carefully as I want it to be all me. I won’t suddenly become an expert on wine tasting or sew myself a new wardrobe overnight just because I have a blog. I will stay true to myself and write about what I love and hopefully like-minded people will see that and connect. I read, I write, I cook and I exercise. That is me and I am the happiest I have ever been.

If we all did so much more of what made us happy and less of what we think people will be interested in while scrolling mindlessly through Facebook we would all benefit more than we realise.

Just Hollie xox

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