Cambridge in the Sunshine

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Walking around Cambridge on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, spring is in the air but also there is the faint feeling of intellect around me. There is nothing quite like a walk around Kings College to make you think about how you really should use your brain for more than working out if you can afford the bag AND the shoes once in a while. If you have never been to Cambridge, watch the ‘Theory of Everything’ and you will instantly know what I mean. Everywhere you turn the city oozes class and culture, it is one of my favourite places to visit, whether it be for a relaxing walk on a sunny day or an almighty shopping trip (the shops are just fab!).

On this particular visit myself and my partner were there to watch the hilarious Frankie Boyle live at the Corn Exchange, a lovely theatre in the heart of Cambridge. But first, a drink in the aptly named ‘Pint Shop’. This place is honestly one of the most relaxing places I could’ve wished to end up in on my visit – There were people in suits looking like they were fresh out of the office, a couple who looked like they had been on a walking holiday and hadn’t washed in a week and there were student types clearly enjoying a weeknight on the town. It is very rare to be able to have this vast array of different people in one place and getting such a relaxing atmosphere, I really do recommend it (also the beers on offer are varied and ever changing).

I was, as is normal for me, overdressed in a Pat Butcher style faux fur coat, sparkly clutch and heels. I just can’t help myself, so many clothes too little time. Why waste the day in less than fabulous clothes when you could be wearing something beautiful, life’s a catwalk daaaarling.

On a separate note, I was very proud of myself on this particular day for a personal reason. I suffer from anxiety whenever I go anywhere or do anything new and this very much stops me from being able to drive to the places I wish I could. My best friend lives 3 hours away, my mum 5 hours and there is nothing I would love more than to jump in the car of a weekend and visit them. Well, on Wednesday I decided that I was not going to rely on my boyfriend and I was going to drive us to Cambridge myself! I know the journey well having been a passenger there many times and it is only an hour and a half away. A few Kalms tablets, some lavender spray and reassuring words from the slightly nervous passenger later I did it and boy oh boy am I glad!!! I honestly do not know why I was ever so worried, it wasn’t stressful/complicated or difficult at all! Who knows, maybe I will venture on the M25 sometime this year after all.

Just Hollie xox

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