Reviewed: The Girl on the Train

In short, for those of you who aren’t going to read this whole review just read this: I read this book literally in a weekend and it is fab. Goodnight, the end!  Continue reading


Easter Weekend & Skiing Anxiety

Hi! It’s me, Hollie. Remember me? Sorry I have been M.I.A for the past week, I had all sorts of post idea but then BAM Easter started and I have been in an alcohol induced coma for the past 3 days, not really feeling up to staring at a laptop screen for any other reason than to order from Just Eat. So healthy lifestyle blogger of me, I am so so proud right now. What can I say, life is about balance, ok?

This is a new style post for me, it’s kinda not really about anything other than what I have been up to and just letting you all get to know me a little better. Let’s face it i’m new on the blogging scene and you are all probably wondering who on earth this woman is and why should I care about what she has to say. Honestly, I don’t know why you should. But I am hoping just a little that you will anyway, because I am enjoying writing for you all! Continue reading

If beauty is only skin deep, you’re gonna want reallll nice skin!

So i’m quite a low maintenance kind of woman. I am not up for 1 million different face oils, serums and gels 3 times a day. I’m just not. If you want that sort of beauty advice then sorry this blog isn’t for you. I am however really good at simple, real advice that you can actually follow and will make you look and feel better 🙂
I have been making a big effort lately to be the best version of me I can be; I started off the year with my confidence at an all time low, I felt so drab and just bleurgh. Since then I have given myself and my self esteem a kick up the bum and a new focus on my skin has been part of this so, I thought I would share it with you! Here is what I have been doing (I do honestly feel better since upping the focus, I recommend it). Continue reading

You don’t get many of those to the pound…

If I had an actual pound coin for every time a woman said to me “You are so lucky to have big boobs, I would kill for mine to be like yours”, I would be able to march right on into House of Fraser this weekend and buy the Mulberry bag I’ve wanted for the last ten years because I would be a rich lady. Women ask to touch them, men do not always ask but low and behold they want to touch them. The truth:I hate having big boobs!!! If you are reading this and you think I must be mad, find someone with a rather large chest and ask them if they like it. I guarantee most will say the same as me – it is an absolute burden!

Reasons why: Continue reading

Time for tea?




But not just any old tea – Matcha green tea! This bright green powder is a must have for any self respecting health and beauty guru, but also something I believe absolutely everyone could benefit from. The reasons to use this super powder are endless and they are real too – no gimmicks or false promises with matcha- how it makes you feel speaks for itself! I am the first to sniff out a false promise or hyped up product but I really do love matcha. Continue reading

Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

I was strolling around town on my lunch break today when I nearly choked on my calorie laden chai latte (don’t judge I know they’re awful for you) as there was blossom on the trees!! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am longing for the summer and the sunshine to grace my Morticia Addams like pale face! I got to thinking about my spring wardrobe and what I will be purchasing when I finally get to shed a few layers, so below is my list of dream purchases for the upcoming season! Whether or not they all make it into my basket it entirely relying on how many glasses of wine I have on Friday night and if my bff convinces me I cannot live without it all (everything I buy is someone else’s fault obviously, peer pressure is a bitch). Would love to hear about what you are all buying for this spring/summer – is there something I haven’t come across yet which you think I should see? Send me a message! Enjoy xox Continue reading

Par excellence


image7 (2)

Or in English, Quintessential. That is what these croque madame muffins are – quintessentially French. They are also gooey, delicious parcels of indulgence and will soon be quintessentially your house on a Saturday morning. Or Tuesday lunchtime, I don’t judge. They are so simple and easy to make yet taste so yummy! They are a great go too when your cupboards are looking more Mother Hubbard then Mary Berry.
So, stick on your best ‘I’m french and so chic , yet i’m going to stuff these in my mouth the moment they are finished’ pout and give it a go! Recipe below under pictures. Any questions please ask, either comment below or email me – Continue reading