Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

I was strolling around town on my lunch break today when I nearly choked on my calorie laden chai latte (don’t judge I know they’re awful for you) as there was blossom on the trees!! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am longing for the summer and the sunshine to grace my Morticia Addams like pale face! I got to thinking about my spring wardrobe and what I will be purchasing when I finally get to shed a few layers, so below is my list of dream purchases for the upcoming season! Whether or not they all make it into my basket it entirely relying on how many glasses of wine I have on Friday night and if my bff convinces me I cannot live without it all (everything I buy is someone else’s fault obviously, peer pressure is a bitch). Would love to hear about what you are all buying for this spring/summer – is there something I haven’t come across yet which you think I should see? Send me a message! Enjoy xox

Cambridge SatchelCambridge Satchel - Spring Wish list

Peony Peach / Pink Stripe
(Peonies are my fav flower, I can’t not have this!)

Fluffy Shoes

Bunny Heels Office

Ah Ha Bunny Shoes
(Dying over these!!)

Slouchy Jeans

Boyfriend Jean

Selection, http://www.asos.com
Prices vary
(Obviously they will make me look as slender and gorg as this model)

Denim Shirt 

Denim Shirt.jpg

Petite ripped denim shirt, vintage blue
(If I can find one to button up over the girls – that is going to be a whole separate post!)

Luxe Tracksuit

Pink textured jogger
(Sports luxe is fast becoming this season’s main trend – gym membership optional)




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