Time for tea?




But not just any old tea – Matcha green tea! This bright green powder is a must have for any self respecting health and beauty guru, but also something I believe absolutely everyone could benefit from. The reasons to use this super powder are endless and they are real too – no gimmicks or false promises with matcha- how it makes you feel speaks for itself! I am the first to sniff out a false promise or hyped up product but I really do love matcha.

I am not going to list all of the health reasons as to why you should use matcha, i’m not a doctor or a nutritionist but let me say this; one teaspoon of the powder is said to have the same benefits as 15 cups of normal green tea. And if you haven’t heard about how good green tea is for you wellllll I think it may be a little late for me to start telling you. But seriously – 1 teaspoon is the same as 15 cups! I would advise googling it or visiting http://www.dreammatcha.co.uk and see for yourself, it’s great stuff, promise.

I use mine (I like the brand pictured below, it tastes of nothing whereas some taste a little like pond water!) to make matcha latte’s almost daily. Just heat milk gently and whisk in a teaspoon of the powder and voila! You can also mix it with a cold drink, apple juice is nice and I have also used it in baking before – a sprinkle in a victoria sponge mix makes you feel slightly less guilty when tucking in to a slice!! Honestly you can throw a bit in anything and know you are doing your health and your skin some real good, so why wouldn’t you?!




*Sponsored but all opinions very very much my own – I love the stuff!!

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