Easter Weekend & Skiing Anxiety

Hi! It’s me, Hollie. Remember me? Sorry I have been M.I.A for the past week, I had all sorts of post idea but then BAM Easter started and I have been in an alcohol induced coma for the past 3 days, not really feeling up to staring at a laptop screen for any other reason than to order from Just Eat. So healthy lifestyle blogger of me, I am so so proud right now. What can I say, life is about balance, ok?

This is a new style post for me, it’s kinda not really about anything other than what I have been up to and just letting you all get to know me a little better. Let’s face it i’m new on the blogging scene and you are all probably wondering who on earth this woman is and why should I care about what she has to say. Honestly, I don’t know why you should. But I am hoping just a little that you will anyway, because I am enjoying writing for you all!

This is my first Easter weekend with a whole 4 days off in probably about 10 years, so I am absolutely loving it! (Apart from the whole losing an hour’s sleep thing this morning – not cool). The reason being is that I am an ex-hairstylist. I had a successful 10 years from Saturday girl to senior stylist but in August last year I decided I needed a change. I was self-employed and working on Saturdays and bank holidays and I honestly just wanted to be able to have a job where I could go in, 9-5, have a pension and not work weekends. So rock and roll. Honestly it was the best decision I could have made for me at this point in my life and it means I now have time to do exactly what I am doing now – blog! I have an office job where I can wear fancy skirts and take a pencil case to work so i’m loving life! Moral of the story – study hard at school because you never know when you will change your mind at what you want to do in life!!


Anyway I digress. So this is my first full Easter bank holiday and I have defffffinitely made the most of it so far. Milk thistle tablets anyone? There has been a lively night out with my work colleagues and also myself and my other half have hosted a cocktail and food night. He is an ex chef and my brother in law is an ex bar man so such is the hardship of life I have to take advantage every now and then! I will, at some point in a future post, share some of the fab cocktail recipes I have learnt. I cannot include them in this post because honestly I necked them too quickly to take any pictures, bad blogger. So apart from my liquid diet, this weekend so far has included one eventful trip to a diy store (standard bank holiday activity, I’m such a cliche) which involved buying outdoor furniture, trying to force it into the boot of my car despite the quite obvious fact it would not fit but trying to avoid the Β£30 delivery charge but also quite a lot of unwanted anxiety…

Next weekend, Friday to Monday, I am going ona skiing trip. At first glance that sounds lovely, oh have fun, take lots of pictures of your cute hot chocolates you sassy thing you! But if you delve deeper you begin to realise this girl is scared of flying, scared of going to new places, has never been skiing before and is going with people from work she has only known 6 months so cannot be an anxious mess the whole time or no-one will like her. Cue more anxiety.

So I am currently spending my every waking moment worrying about the flight, worrying about the face I can’t ski and will probably fall to my death down a beautifully scenic mountain and also that I need to impress my colleagues in order to make friends. Welcome to the brain of Hollie Lewis. Any advice on techniques to stay calm while flying if you are terrified are very welcome, please. Also if you have been skiing, any useful tips? Just generally help me people!! On the plus side, I have bought a very cute outfit and will look suitably stylish while I cling onto the bottom of a stair lift begging not to have to get on the thing. YOLO.

Happy Easter everyone xox

Bridget jones skiing

Need to avoid a Bridget Jones style situation….




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