Sticky Chinese pork belly

Yes, yes it is as good as it sounds. And bloomin’ easy to make too so I thought I would share the recipe with you lovely lot! Me and the BF made this for tea last night and I can’t stop thinking about it. I would literally eat this for tea all week if I could. Damn I am so lucky to live with him, he is an amazing chef even if I do say so myself!

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Primark home wish list

So myself and my partner bought a house last August and woop woop we finnnnnally have all of the important furniture we need and I can add some personal touches and buy some pretties! I was under strict instructions from the BF not to buy ‘dust collectors’ as he calls them until we have all of the big things we needed. Sensible,yes. Fun, nooo.  Continue reading

An open letter to Kim Kardashian

Kim love, put them away.

There I was, minding my own business, scrolling through Facebook on this rainy Sunday afternoon, hoping to see pics of what my friends got up to this weekend, possibly a video of a puppy doing something cute and a few inspirational memes, the usual. But all of a sudden I find my face in Kim Kardashian’s breasts, struggling to come up for air. No, not literally of course but there they were, up close and way too personal. (See below). Why? Why would a 35 year old woman with 2 children feel like she wanted to share this picture with the world? Obviously the first thing that springs to mind is fame, but I think it is more than that. Continue reading

Date night on a budget…

The weekend before payday sucks. Whereas I used to get paid weekly as a hairdresser, now I am a 9-5’er and working in an office environment. Getting the weekends to myself is a perk – monthly pay is not. So you have to get creative when you’re waiting for the increased bank balance, you know? Unless you are superhuman amazing you will, like most other people, get towards pay day and be counting every penny in pitiful desperation after getting too excited and going on a shopping spree at the start of the month. If this is not you, well good for you aren’t you amazing please email me budgeting tips.

Today i’m specifically talking date night. What do you do when you’re both spent but want some quality time together on a Saturday night? Date night in of course! Bring the restaurant/bar vibes to you my dears. I’ll warn you now if you cannot cook this will not be the best idea but if you think creating a romantic scene around beans on toast will work for you then please, by all means, crack on! So, here is my recipe for the perfect night in with boo, enjoy responsibly people 😉  Continue reading

Happy birthday Ma’am!

God save the Queen, God save the Queen!

I love the royal family, always have. I think we are so lucky to have them; they are iconic and resolutely English. They bring hope, happiness and prosperity to the country and are not to be taken for granted. Not only that, but Harry is so fit I could cry and little George makes my heart melt every time I see his cute little face. Dan (my boyfriend, for non regular readers) has cooked dinner for Charles and Camilla and I squeal every time I think about it! Then there is Kate. Katherine Middleton is a goddess compared to us mere mortals.

I won’t keep boring you with how much I love the royal family and cut to the chase. To celebrate Lizzie’s 90th birthday I have rounded up pictures of my favourite royal outfits and collated them below. Just because I want to and I can. I’m off to pet my imaginary corgi’s and sip tea with my pinky in the air. Good day to you xox Continue reading

A day that is good for the soul…

You may or may not know but I live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border close to a town called Beccles. Recently, I moved from Beccles only 8 miles down the road, but none the less I am no longer in walking distance from the town. I grew up in Beccles and so spent 23 years of my life there and I can truly say it is buried deep within my heart. In the same, glorious weekend I finally got the keys to my little love nest away from home in August 2015 (blog post to come on being a young first time buyer) I also gave up my career in hairdressing and started working for a local business in an office based, much more formal role. So really, although it was all my own doing and it is fully what I want, my life changed almost overnight. Now I don’t know about you, but I am good with change. I never look back and I am full steam ahead with plans, dreams and ambition. That being said, sometimes you really do need to just ‘check out’ and do something which makes your heart smile and not have to think about ‘adult things’ … (No, not that sort of adult thing! I mean paying bills, when will I have a baby, can I afford the expensive fabric softener sort of thing).  Continue reading

Ooo la la… Nice knickers!

It’s the weekend, YAY! My other half is at work all weekend and this has led to a little alone time – bliss. And with alone time comes self reflection and time for a slab of self indulgence. I like to do the things I cannot do when he is around (well, I could, but there would be not a shred of relaxation) such as paint my toe nails, re-organise my makeup drawer and have a clothing amnesty. The latter is what brought me to this post… Continue reading

Aprés Ski

Guys, don’t panic – I’m still alive!!! You might remember reading my previous post Easter Weekend & Skiing Anxiety and have since been thinking OMG she hasn’t posted for a week. She dead. Or you might not have noticed, thanks and all that. But here I am alive and well and about to tell the tale… Continue reading