Aprés Ski

Guys, don’t panic – I’m still alive!!! You might remember reading my previous post Easter Weekend & Skiing Anxiety and have since been thinking OMG she hasn’t posted for a week. She dead. Or you might not have noticed, thanks and all that. But here I am alive and well and about to tell the tale…


Afternoon tea in Chalet Lilly

So I am lucky enough to have a day job where I get to go on holidays sometimes with my colleagues and this time round it was skiing in the French Alps. Cue panic and anxiety and blah blah (read the post linked above) but actually, I enjoyed it!! The flight was as ok as it was ever going to get and France was beautiful. It turns out skiing is not really for me but honestly I never thought I was going to be any good at it so expectations were real low. After a nerve shredding transfer (note to self: if your transfer minibus is named ‘The Cool Bus’, chances are it ain’t gonna be so cool) where the driver got pulled for speeding and we were police escorted to a cash point, we arrived at Les Menuires and stayed in the sweetest little chalet you could imagine. Complete with a lovely young girl to cook for us for the duration of our stay and a hot tub overlooking the mountains (hot tub with colleagues… the jury is out, it was weird and relaxing in equal measures) it was a very pleasant trip! I felt very Maria Carey frolicking around in the snow with fur lines boots and gloves, it was all very glamorous!

The only downside I can come up with to being in the beautiful snowy altitude was my skin. As much as I followed a strict moisturising regime before hand, it wasn’t enough (see If beauty is only skin deep, you’re gonna want reallll nice skin!). The sun is so strong and the wind has such a chill up there I did get a little burnt and very dry on the ole’ face! Apparently smearing yourself with factor 50 still doesn’t do the trick when your at 2000 feet! Cue aprés ski saviour – Lotusy essence facial mask sheet. This lovely little treat was delivered just before I went away and little did I know how much I would be grateful for it! Basically it is soaked in high quality aloe essence liquid which soothes your face from the second your place the sheet on your face. I could feel my face sucking up the moisturising goodness! I have quite a thing recently for sheet face masks as they are so much easier than ones you get from a tube – you can just place it on your face in a second and carry on your way! My partner, Dan, on the other hand wasn’t quite so keen on the look and got quite a shock when he came home from work to find me looking something out of an Egyptian tomb! Why do men make such a fuss about beauty treatments – a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do!! Anyway if you have, like I did, sunburnt or tight, dry skin I would recommend these masks as aloe is incredibly soothing on tender skin. If you’re anything like me when you catch the sun you will do anything to avoid the dreaded skin peeling!!! I now have an incredible face tan, which considering I was wrapped up from head to toe meaning i’m still pale everywhere else, I cannot decide whether I like the fact I have caught the sun or not. Cue sunbathing with a towel over my head when the pesky little sun decides to come out.

So to conclude, I loved being in the beautiful setting of the mountains and it was a nice change to be in the snow rather than on a beach whilst holidaying but maybe next time I would like to go somewhere such as Iceland or Norway where skiing isn’t the main event. God i’m just so sporty, somebody stop me.

In other news I had my hair chopped yesterday!!
I have been toying with the idea of doing this for so bloody long I decided I was going to do it and rang up my hairdresser and went there and then. And I love it! Thanks the lord because once it is gone, there is no changing your mind. Before I stopped hairdressing I would forever be changing my hair style and colour but recently I have found I have given it less thought than previously. But now I feel I am back in business and I’ve been swishing it around so much and craning to look in mirrors people probably think i’ve developed mild torrets. Pretty sure i’ll be in a neck brace come the end of the week. YOLO. I will do a post on different products and styles for your hair soon as there are some I cannot live without and I need to tell you all about them, they’re game changers. What do you think, like it? Prefer it how it was? Would love to know!

Right i’m off to beg my boy to cook me a roast because Sunday and because he missed me last weekend and i’m still playing on it a week later, bad Hollie.

Happy weekend xox



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