Ooo La La… Nice Knickers!

It’s the weekend, YAY! My other half is at work all weekend and this has led to a little alone time – bliss. And with alone time comes self reflection and time for a slab of self indulgence. I like to do the things I cannot do when he is around (well, I could, but there would be not a shred of relaxation) such as paint my toe nails, re-organise my makeup drawer and have a clothing amnesty. The latter is what brought me to this post…

So recently I have discovered there are actually shops other than Ann Summers to buy nice underwear. Quite why I had never discovered any of the following before is beyond me – I guess I had never really given what’s under my clothes as much thought or attention as my actual clothes. But recently I have been thinking more about my smalls and also my nightwear and general lingerie situation. I am a 24 year old woman in a months time, so why am I still going to bed in pj’s which have cow print trousers and ‘mad cow’ written across them? I strive to be some fashionable, classy woman yet the little things let me down! Well, no more I say! I Have been into Victoria Secret and Boux Avenue within the same week and I am feeling inspired! So I thought I would put together a little wish list of my fav pieces just in case you are feeling sassy with me and fancy treating yourself.

Just a little heads up before you take a look at the pieces I am lusting over: I am a girl with all the curves. With a 34E chest and a size 12 booty, a VS angel I am not. And this does not bother me one little bit but I do appreciate that if you are more slender or with slightly less cushion for the pushin’ than myself, you probably won’t be choosing the same undies. I am so jealous purely for the fact that I would love to wear the little triangle no wires/padding bra tops that are in fashion at the moment or long line retro looking bras but they just aren’t going to keep everything where it should be on myself. So these choices – some will be for everyone and some not so much. But that’s life and all that.

Boux avaenue.png
Boux Avenue  (Above)
1. Tori lace plunge bra – £25.00
This bra looks elegant and classy but also looks like it would be practical enough to wear under everyday clothes without creating ugly bulges or seams like some lace bras.
2. Tabitha satin teddy play suit – £32.00 – This looks so soft and silky I wanted to stand in the shop and just stroke it when I saw it. The blue colour will look gorgeous in the summer time against a tan and the little bit of lace contrasts beautifully.
3. Florrie satin robe – £65.00 – I am so in love with this robe I cannot even tell you. Stick this on, some of those fluffy mules you can get for the bedroom, put on some Barry White and call me Belle de Jour because this would make me feel all kinds of confident. Until I stacked it in the least elegantly way possibly, I am so not a sex pot.



Ultimo  (Above)
1. Arella set in Fuchsia – Bra £32, Knickers £15 – I love this pink set, it is so girly and pretty, something I don’t usually go for when it comes to underwear.
2. Jasmine side hook bra – £40 – The clever people at Ultimo have made this strapless bra fasten at the side and also you can, for £8, buy a clear interchangeable back strap too. Perfect if like me, you struggle to do bras up at the back and hate having to twist strapless bra’s round if you’ve done it up at the front. Makes you wonder why more bra’s don’t fasten at the side/front really.
3. Ultimo lace cover up – £16 – This would be perfect for me as I love wearing a v-neck/low cut top but when you have big boobs you do sometimes feel a little self conscious about it. Having a little lace cover up like this would just make me feel a bit more secure and covered up (particularly when bending forward/standing near tall men!).



Bravissimo (Above) *New fav underwear shop, if you’re a DD+ look at their website, they’ve thought of everything!!*
1. Melinda Set – £46 – I’m such a sucker for yellow at the moment, so why not take the obsession into my undies too! This too would look great with a tan and I think especially if you have blonde hair this would look great.
2. Deco Rebel by Frey – £27 – Because who doesn’t love leopard print?! There happens to be a pair of shoes from Next I am lusting over which would go perfectly with this bra. Matching your shoes to your underwear is a thing, right?

Just a little word on Bravissimo; they have created the most amazing range of clothing for fuller busted women called Pepperberry. They are normal, everyday clothes (mainly classic styles) but with extra room for the girls! Amazing! I might actually be able to wear a shirt, who’d have thought!

Hope you are all having an amazing Saturday, I’m off to cook spaghetti and meatballs, yum! Don’t forget you can follow me and my everyday musings on Twitter and Instagram, just search @JustHollieBlog



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