A day that is good for the soul…

You may or may not know but I live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border close to a town called Beccles. Recently, I moved from Beccles only 8 miles down the road, but none the less I am no longer in walking distance from the town. I grew up in Beccles and so spent 23 years of my life there and I can truly say it is buried deep within my heart. In the same, glorious weekend I finally got the keys to my little love nest away from home in August 2015 (blog post to come on being a young first time buyer) I also gave up my career in hairdressing and started working for a local business in an office based, much more formal role. So really, although it was all my own doing and it is fully what I want, my life changed almost overnight.Β Now I don’t know about you, but I am good with change. I never look back and I am full steam ahead with plans, dreams and ambition. That being said, sometimes you really do need to just ‘check out’ and do something which makes your heart smile and not have to think about ‘adult things’ … (No, not that sort of adult thing! I mean paying bills, when will I have a baby, can I afford the expensive fabric softener sort of thing).Β 

image2 (2)

Yesterday was one of those days. My other half, Dan, had to work all weekend so I took the time to spend a day with the ole ‘bezzie’ mate. She (sorry bird, Lauren, not just ‘She’) invited me round to join in on a family BBQ she was having to celebrate getting a First for her open university degree in interior design. Well, I invited myself actually but isn’t that what best mates are meant to do? So faces were stuffed, laughs were had and I really just felt good. You know that feeling when you go out for the day, come home to make a cup of tea and just find yourself smiling like a fool. That.

Not only did we BBQ (disappointingly it ended up being a good ole British indoor BBQ as the heavens opened on and off all day) but we ventured out so I could walk around my beloved Beccles. If you have never been I would highly recommend a visit; It is the most beautiful little town you could wish to find. I will post more pics indefinitely on my Instagram and Twitter account in time to come so if you are at all interested in landscape, pretty buildings and other various quirks I may find, be sure to give me a follow! We walked, talked about everything and anything like only best friends can and dreamed about living in some of the big, beautiful houses we saw.

image4 (2)

Now I can hear you, why do I care about you and your friend and why are you going on about some bloomin’ town called Beccles? The point is I forgot that I had housework to do, I forgot that I should’ve been planning blog posts or anything else you think you ‘should’ be doing. Forget it all and just do something you really, really want to do and don’t regret it one little bit. What makes you happy, where makes you happy? Do that. Just for one day, be selfish and do it.

Thank me later when you’re feeling so cool calm and collected you could cry with joy. It will happen. Phones off, happiness on people!!

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