Date night on a budget…

The weekend before payday sucks. Whereas I used to get paid weekly as a hairdresser, now I am a 9-5’er and working in an office environment. Getting the weekends to myself is a perk – monthly pay is not. So you have to get creative when you’re waiting for the increased bank balance, you know? Unless you are superhuman amazing you will, like most other people, get towards pay day and be counting every penny in pitiful desperation after getting too excited and going on a shopping spree at the start of the month. If this is not you, well good for you aren’t you amazing please email me budgeting tips.

Today i’m specifically talking date night. What do you do when you’re both spent but want some quality time together on a Saturday night? Date night in of course! Bring the restaurant/bar vibes to you my dears. I’ll warn you now if you cannot cook this will not be the best idea but if you think creating a romantic scene around beans on toast will work for you then please, by all means, crack on! So, here is my recipe for the perfect night in with boo, enjoy responsibly people πŸ˜‰Β 

image4 (3)

  1. No social media/gadgets/technology.
    Imagine the scene: You have cooked a lovely meal, you’re looking fly, you’re thinking about putting on some smooth music and taking the romance up a notch – you look over and the BF (or GF no judgement here) is busy taking selfies, hash-tagging #DateNight and up pops a notification on his football app and suddenly he is deciding who should be on his dream team, Rooney or Rashford. Not quite what you had in mind ey? So from the off you should decide a time limit on all social media/phones/ipads etc and then put them away, on silent, in a drawer you won’t be tempted to open. Instantly, you have to focus on each other more and the rest of your evening will be met with renewed enthusiasm.
  2. Setting the scene.
    Candles. Oil burner. Fairy lights. Lamps. Anything tha
    t makes your location scream ‘sultry’ but light enough you can still A) see each other and B) see what you are eating/drinking. You will instantly feel more relaxed and also more confident in yourself as everyonnnnee knows how flattering ambient lighting is! That contour will be working overtime in candle light trust me. Choose a smell which he likes (my other half hates some of my oils, saying they smell like an old woman so I would let him choose) and maybe one which promotes relaxation to help you unwind.

    image2 (3)

  3. Food and drink.
    Choose to cook/prepare something which is what I would call ‘interactive food’. Something like build your own taco’s where you put all of the elements in bowls and help yourself or make pizza’s together, preparing the base in advance but having bowls of toppings and ‘decorating your own’ so you can have fun with it. This promotes the playful, romantic vibe you want to get going as you aren’t just plonking a big plate of food down and ploughing through it, you have to interact with each other. I like to call this ‘mindful loving’ where you do more tha
    n co-exist as we do much of the working week, but you actually take the time to really connect as you probably would more at the beginning of a relationship.
    As for drink, unless you are tee-total in which case my blog probs isn’t for you sorry not sorry, it has to be cocktails. But not an I’m in Benidorm and its 2007 style cocktails, something with a bit of class. I’m thinking a quality gin with a sprig of rosemary and topped up with lemonade or a ‘French 75’ – 40ml gin, 20ml lemon juice (fresh), 15ml sugar syrup all shaken and strained into a champagne saucer and topped up with very cold champagne. Add a twist of lemon on top and you will be oozing ‘see I am a grown woman and I can do sophisticated when I want to’ vibes.
  4. Looking on point.
    Let’s face it, if you are in a new relationship you want to look your best at all times. And if you are in a long-term relationship you want to know he still finds you attractive even though he’s seen you on the toilet. And the best way to do this? Romantic night in with you looking like a sexkitten obvs! I would suggest the girly approach – dress, stockings and suspenders, hair silky soft and looking very ‘touchable’ (give it a straighten and a brush – nothing more awks than having that tousled bed head kind of looking hair and him trying to be romantic running his hands through it only to find he’s causing you a lot of pain and pulling it out in clumps… trust me I would know). With makeup I would say go for eyes and not lips. That way you can be a seductress with smokey eyes and not have to worry about smearing red lipstick across your face whilst eating your meal for 2. Shave. Moisturise. Show a bit of skin. What more do they need?!

    image3 (3)

  5. Playlist.
    My top choices for a relaxed but not downbeat vibe are: John Legend, Tom Odell, James Bay, Kodaline, The XX, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Lana Del Ray, Jamie Cullum and Coldplay. I have such an eclectic taste in music but it is such a passion of mine. But I think the artists listed would suit an evening in perfectly! As much as I love a bit of Sean Paul or The Spice Girls I don’t think they would have
    quite the desired effect? Obviously my no technology rule has to be broken if you need your phone to stream your music but I use the boy’s PlayStation which has a Spotify app so I still don’t need it and cannot be tempted.
  6. After dinner activities.
    All I am going to say is make the most of being slightly tipsy from the cocktails and having his full attention on you and your relationship without distraction. How often does that happen, if you are honest with yourself? Don’t think about work, what you have to do the next day or anything else that may be on your mind. Just talk, laugh, engage with each other, reconnect. Top things off with an early night but blow the candles out first please, promise?

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