An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Kim love, put them away.

There I was, minding my own business, scrolling through Facebook on this rainy Sunday afternoon, hoping to see pics of what my friends got up to this weekend, possibly a video of a puppy doing something cute and a few inspirational memes, the usual. But all of a sudden I find my face in Kim Kardashian’s breasts, struggling to come up for air. No, not literally of course but there they were, up close and way too personal. (See below). Why? Why would a 35 year old woman with 2 children feel like she wanted to share this picture with the world? Obviously the first thing that springs to mind is fame, but I think it is more than that.

kim boobs

There has been a lot of talk recently between female celebrities about how they feel like every image they post is sexualised. Most recently was Emily Ratajkowski who wrote a piece about how she wants to celebrate her body and she should not feel shamed for doing so. And to a point, I agree. You should be able to post a picture of you having a great time at the beach without everyone talking about how good or bad your body looks and you should be able to wear a low cut top if you want to and not be made to feel like a slut for doings so. But Kim Kardashian, what you are doing is downright awful. I genuinely think she thinks she is making a stand for women and by being ‘proud of her body’ she is empowering women. But Kim, you’ve got it a little wrong.For every vain, vulgar selfie you post there are 100 women trying to undo the damage you are causing. For every promotional deal or Instagram endorsement you get off the back of your boob pictures, there is someone like me working hard to make a name for herself in the blogging world whilst maintaining her integrity and not taking cheap shortcuts to stardom. Couldn’t we all just stick a few sexualised selfies on social media and gain a following overnight like you Kim?

Kim K and EMra

And to think of the world your daughter will grow up in, the children will look at women like you and think this behaviour is normal, acceptable. My children will be born into a world where they will see pictures like this more than they will see pictures of really inspirational, clever women doing things that they should be aspiring to. Why can you not use your self indulgent fame to do something good? Look at Emma Watson, she is an amazing woman. A worldwide superstar at such a young age but she continued to study, she never once cheapened herself and now with her #HeForShe campaign she continues to use her fame and influence for something she really believes in. Yet I’ve heard more people saying derogatory things about Emma Watson than I probably ever will  about you Kim and that fills me with sadness. It seems if you have a bit of brains and character as a women you are an easy target for short sighted people who think she is ‘on her soapbox’ or ‘an up herself feminist’. While Kim is praised for being a ‘business woman’ and a ‘good mother’. I don’t know we ever got to this point in the world but something has to give. How is is a book entitled ‘Selfish’, full of pictures of you, taken by you, ever published? Who buys that? I can’t get my head around it.

So please, put some clothes on and just stop. I would say no-one cares but there are plenty of young girls that do and that is the thing that worries me.




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