Primark home wish list

So myself and my partner bought a house last August and woop woop we finnnnnally have all of the important furniture we need and I can add some personal touches and buy some pretties! I was under strict instructions from the BF not to buy ‘dust collectors’ as he calls them until we have all of the big things we needed. Sensible,yes. Fun, nooo. 

So, I have seen a lot on social media about the latest Primark home collection so thought I would check out the website. Well, that was a mistake. My home ware wish list is growing longer and longer by the day, so I thought I would share my fav pieces from Primark with you. The prices are amazing so why shouldn’t I treat myself to a few little bits? (Insert sneaky, evil genius laugh here). Anyway I know this is a shorter than normal post but there will be several other home ware wish lists coming your way so I thought I would break them into individual posts for each shop, so you can just look at the ones you are interested in. Happy Monday!


Primark wishlist.png

Loving the monochrome pieces mixed with some indoor plants…I really want some of those planters you can get that hang from the ceiling does anybody have them?… I think Urban Outfitters has them so watch this space!

Primark monochrome


4 thoughts on “Primark home wish list

    • Just Hollie says:

      Me too I’m obsessed with homeware! My other half reckons I buy too many ‘dust collectors’ 👎🏻 Yeah the prices of the pieces in this post are amazing! Thanks for reading Emma xox


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