Summer Style
It’s raining. I’m cold. Tomorrow, believe it or not, is June. Bearing all of this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to write my #BeachDayMusts post!
When lingerie brand Adore Me (website here) approached me to write this post as part of their summer campaign to find bloggers ‘must haves’ for the beach this summer, my mind instantly started to wander. The heat on my back, the sound of laughter as people enjoy themselves in the waves, the cocktail I am sipping on the beach….. And then I snapped out of it and realised the closest I have been to a sunny beach lately was the makeshift sand box on South Bank at the weekend. Sigh. But, I can share with you what I would take if someone were to suddenly whisk me away to the Seychelles as a suprise with only a few hours to prepare. There is more chance of David Beckham proposing to me in the next 24 hours but I’m a glass half full kind of gal so here’s hoping!

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Way down in Budapest…

It was said that George Ezra had never been to Budapest when he wrote this catchy little tune; just a little fun fact for you all to start my post about this amazing city.  Continue reading

Rimmel Super Gel

Hello you little lovelies! I am going to start this post by apologising for my lack of writing lately, I have been super busy and as much as I want to I just can’t seem to fit everything in. Hermione Granger and her cute little necklace she had to make her be in two places at once are making me jealous right now to say the least. But you can totally relax now (obvs you were panicking at lack of Just Hollie posts, you don’t have to play it cool with me) as I am here and talking gel polish today.
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Choices and not having regrets

I’m sitting in my pj’s with Friends on tv in the backround having come home from a long day at work in the office – i’m overthinking and feeling reflective. I’ve been doing this a lot lately and I can’t help but feel it has a lot to do with my upcoming birthday (24 eeek!) and my life in general being a women my age.  Continue reading

Alexa Chung for M&S

So when I heard Alexa Chung was collaborating with Marks and Spencer I was a little baffled at first to be honest; She has become a fashion icon synonymous with British style in recent years and you would expect her to be collaborating with the likes of young brands such as Topshop or H&M. But digging a little deeper I was pleasantly suprised to see she was actually delving into the archives of M&S fashion and reworking and incorporating pieces/styles/prints from years gone by.  Continue reading

‘Aloe ‘Aloe!

See what I did there… (smug sideways face emoji)

So I’m going to hit you with a few facts

  1. The weekend just gone in England was probably our summer, done.
  2. Despite lathering myself in sun cream, I missed patches and got a little sunburnt
  3. I want to look after my skin and not look like a wrinkly prune aged 30. 

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Perfect little Mexican breakfast

So if you follow me on Instagram you may or may not have seen last weekends brekkie of Mexican inspired eggs, sweet potato, tomato and advacado. It is a lovely change from the traditional English breakfast and full of ‘good for you’ ingredients that don’t make you feel guilty after stuffing your face (which you will do as it is so god damn delicious).
It is easy to make so you don’t need to be a michelin starred chef and doesnt take too long. Also you can switch out some of the ingredients to your taste and whatever you have in the house – this is a bit of a throw it all and it will come out just as tasty dish. Continue reading

Blickling Hall happiness

So im writing this on a kindle. Im not enjoying it its safe to say, fellow bloggers do any of you ever post from a tablet or a phone?! In fairness, and this is not a joke, I had my old laptop since 2007 ish so cant compain too much but it died a few days ago so waiting on the new one to arrive! It was an excuse for a much more stylish white one though  which will get dirty as hello but hashtag yolo and all that. Maybe I will do another kindle post and keep all the mistakes I make because lack of real keyboard and time myself doing it to see how long it takes. And maybe I will stick pins up my bum while im at it. Equally as fun. Dont ever tell me im not taking blogging seriously.  Continue reading