‘Aloe ‘Aloe!

See what I did there… (smug sideways face emoji)

So I’m going to hit you with a few facts

  1. The weekend just gone in England was probably our summer, done.
  2. Despite lathering myself in sun cream, I missed patches and got a little sunburnt
  3. I want to look after my skin and not look like a wrinkly prune aged 30. 

So, with all that in mind, I thought this was the perfect time to post the review I have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks on some aloe based products, yayyy! Aloe has proven moisturising and healing properties for burnt skin so pale people of the world rejoice, help is on the way!

The first product I grabbed after my long day in the sun was one of those fab ‘sheet’ facemasks I got sent by Lotusy a while back and I must say, on parched skin it was heaven. The mask is a cotton like material which covers your whole face and has holes for your eyes, nose and mouth and I must say it is quite the look. I probably should’ve warned Dan that I was about to enter the room looking like Hannibal Lecter as the poor boy jumped out of his skin. It was very cool to the touch which was lovely on my skin and it didn’t really warm up all that much whilst it was on for a while which was really refreshing. Definitely more one for the summer months rather than a cold winter’s night. It smelt delicious and I probably kept it on for around 20 minutes. Once I had enough, I took the mask off and it leaves all of the lovely serum on your skin which I massaged in and left to penetrate my skin. Overall I felt this mask would be great for drier, thirsty skin or maybe sensitive skin which irritates easily as it felt very soothing.

Click here for more info on Lotusy aloe facemask


The next products I was given to review were from an interesting company called Forever Living. This is a company similar to the likes of Avon and Body shop in the respect that they have reps and these reps hold parties and distribute the products from home. I found them via the lovely lady who does my gel nails (obsessed but this is a topic for another time). She kindly gave me some samples of her top sellers and I must say I was impressed.

The products I tried were:

 Aloe Moisturising Lotion 

This was a great everyday face cream although I think my skin was a touch too oily for it, which was a shame because on application it made my skin feel so soft and lovely. It made my makeup go on really smoothly without any flaking or dry areas which I do sometimes get but unfortunately by about 10am my skin looked shiny and a felt a little to greasy. I do however think that if you have skin on the drier side or for use occasionally when you feel your skin needs a little extra moisture this is a fab lotion and make up base. This would rival lots of the more well known brands and also would be great for more mature skin.

 Aloe Propolis Creme

So i’m not entirely sure what the name of this product means but I have decided I like it regardless! This is a thick moisturiser which, not gonna lie, I f*cked up on the first use and slapped it on my face and man oh man did I live to regret that (fish and chips cooked on my forehead anyone?). After realising from the texture and smell that actually this was a body moisturiser I had a lot of love for it! The texture is reminiscent of a Bodyshop body butter or something similar and again is great for real dried out skin. I used it on my upper arms mostly as I do tend to suffer from the dreaded chicken skin arms and it did make a difference. This also felt amazing on the slightly red patches after being in the sun and of course the aloe vera worked its magic and calmed these areas right down.

Forever Bright Tooth Gel

I like the idea of this product more than I like the actual product if that makes any sense? At the end of the day, this is a toothpaste and I used it for 3 days. Are my teeth now rivalling Simon Cowell’s? No. Does it taste nice and feel nice to use? Yes! But more importantly I really like that this is fluoride free and doesn’t contain any nasties and is also vegetarian, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if you swallow it you are not doing your body any harm. It’s crazy really how often we use things like toothpaste and deodorant everyday and they make such contact with our bodies and contain such horrible ingredients. This toothpaste is a winner in my book and is great for anyone who, like me, is concious of what goes in their mouth. (Stop it, you).

Aloe Heat lotion

Now i’m going to tell you a little story and I cannot believe what I am writing *curls up and dies*. The last few weeks have been very warm. I have been to work in this warm weather. I wear a pencil skirt to work (can you see where this is headed). I’m not as svelte as I used to be and to cut  long story short – chafing. I have little stretch marks on the inside of my legs and when I go for a walk on my lunch break on a hot summer’s day in my pencil skirt my legs rub together and try to create a fire i’m sure of it. So I came home and put some of this marvellous heat lotion of the areas where it hurt (for Christ’s sake if you do this please be careful where you put it if you know what i’m saying…) and after a few weird minutes it felt sooo much better! It’s a little like deep heat in the way it feels on your skin which I wasn’t expecting; when you first put it on it is intensely warm but after a few minutes it goes really cool and soothing and almost gets the menthol type feeling about it. It’s bizarre stuff but it eased the pain I was in almost instantly and I have been told it is really great for headaches and other aches and pains too. Again, this is a great alternative if you don’t like the thought of other products such as deep heat for the chemicals they contain.

All in all I really liked the Forever Living products and I would definitely use a few of them again!
Forever Living website


aloe 3

The final product I would like to give a good ole shout out to is the Vaseline aloe moisturising lotion (available in most drug stores / highstreet chemists). I have been using this for years now in the summer as it is so light and refreshing I absolutely love it. It sinks straight into your skin and you can get dressed literally minutes after applying it which is also good and it doesn’t seem to clog up your skin and sit heavy like some moisturisers. It feels lovely especially after shaving, it just soothes the skin really well. This too is great on sunburn and skin which has seen a lot of sunshine. In actualy fact this would be a perfect product to take on holiday, it’s got that vibe to it.

And remember please beauties: Prevention is better than cure, so if you really want to make the best of your skin, slap on the SPF a little better than I did and you can laugh at me when you’re looking fabulous at fifty thanks to your glowing skin!

*Some of this post is sponsored but all views are my own and my opinions genuine xox

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