Alexa Chung for M&S

So when I heard Alexa Chung was collaborating with Marks and Spencer I was a little baffled at first to be honest; She has become a fashion icon synonymous with British style in recent years and you would expect her to be collaborating with the likes of young brands such as Topshop or H&M. But digging a little deeper I was pleasantly suprised to see she was actually delving into the archives of M&S fashion and reworking and incorporating pieces/styles/prints from years gone by. 

After the recent news from high street store BHS that they are sadly closing fown (note to self, check for closing down sale – I LOVED BHS for it’s homeware and oddly their PJ’s) I am glad that Alexa will encourage a new wave of Marks and Sparks fans so they don’t end up the same way.

So this little lot below is a look at my favourite pieces from Alexa’s collection and mayyyyy have to weasel their way into my wardrobe some time soon. If only I had legs like Alexa…

Alwxa Chung for M&S.png


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