Rimmel Super Gel

Hello you little lovelies! I am going to start this post by apologising for my lack of writing lately, I have been super busy and as much as I want to I just can’t seem to fit everything in. Hermione Granger and her cute little necklace she had to make her be in two places at once are making me jealous right now to say the least. But you can totally relax now (obvs you were panicking at lack of Just Hollie posts, you don’t have to play it cool with me) as I am here and talking gel polish today.

Rimmel super gel

So normally I get my nails done once every 4 weeks by an amazing nail tech who lives about 40 minutes from me and I have been going to her for about 2 and a half years now. She only charges £15 for a set of gel nails and they last and last and last. The only problem is, is it a bit of a pain in the bum to drive completely out of my way to go and see her as there is no other reason I would go to her town if she wasn’t there. So with this in mind, I was wandering around the shops on my lunch break last week when I spotted this new Super Gel by Rimmel and thought bugger it I am going to try it… If I can save myself time and money by doing them myself then I am all for it and I can change them at my own pace and not have to stick to appointments too which would be a bonus. I picked the lush colour polish ‘Cocktail passion’ which is step 1 and then the topcoat gel which is step 2. They were two polishes for £9 in Tesco so very reasonable seeing as you can use them multiple times as opposed to paying to get them done every time.They claim to last up to 2 weeks and have a gel like appearance and also there are many different colours to choose from.

So that night after my dinner I had a little pamper sesh and got the polishes out. It felt so strange to apply my own nail polish on my hands after not having to do them myself for a few years but after the first couple of fingers I was well away! Now the only trouble I had was they didn’t come with any instructions and stupidly, I didn’t think to look them up online before using them. It says on the bottle that it cures in natural daylight and no lamp needed so I wrongly assumed they would dry instantly like a gel polish which is going into a lamp. But no, this is not the case. Cue lots of swearing and huffing and puffing from me as I instantly smudge the polish everywhere and have to start again. Oops. On a second attempt I decided to do the normal thing and let the polish dry like a non gel one would and it dried really quickly. I did two coats of colour and then a top coat at the end, it felt really nice to work with – a good consistency. The finish was shiny and looked really similar to gel polish when it’s fresh, it’s safe to say I was impressed.

Rimmel suer gel 4

Now, this was last week. If you follow me on social media you will know that I have just gone to Budapest for the weekend and have been a very busy bee. I will be doing a seperate post on how amazing this was (spoiler: it is my new favourite place in the whole world, no joke) but one of the things we did do was thermal baths. I am sure you will know if you have ever been in a pool with nail polish on what it does to it – regular nail polish and swimming pools do not mix at all. Polish will flake and be ruined, bad times! Whereas gel on the other hand is actually quite a bit better and I have been lucky enough in the last couple of years to have my gels survive the local lido. It is safe to say, unfortunately, that this Rimmel Super Gel did not live up to the cut. I was expecting the longevity of a gel with this polish as it felt so good when it was freshly applied but this was just not the case. It is currently chipped and cracked and my hands are not on point at this very moment. Not the two weeks wear I was hoping for at all.

Rimmel suer gel 3.JPG

So would I recommend this product? Yes if you want to wear it and get maybe a day or two longer than you usually would from a regular polish but I wouldn’t suggest it as a replacement for real gel polish nails such as Shellac or Gelish etc. So for every day use, fab, just not so great if you are going on holiday for a couple of weeks or can’t spend the time doing your nails weekly yourself.

I’m now off to watch this weeks episode of Game of Thrones, buzzing! Cya! xox


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