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It’s raining. I’m cold. Tomorrow, believe it or not, is June. Bearing all of this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to write my #BeachDayMusts post!
When lingerie brand Adore Me (website here) approached me to write this post as part of their summer campaign to find bloggers ‘must haves’ for the beach this summer, my mind instantly started to wander. The heat on my back, the sound of laughter as people enjoy themselves in the waves, the cocktail I am sipping on the beach….. And then I snapped out of it and realised the closest I have been to a sunny beach lately was the makeshift sand box on South Bank at the weekend. Sigh. But, I can share with you what I would take if someone were to suddenly whisk me away to the Seychelles as a suprise with only a few hours to prepare. There is more chance of David Beckham proposing to me in the next 24 hours but I’m a glass half full kind of gal so here’s hoping!

image1 [9543].JPG
My list of things to pack for the beach would include the following:
  • Sunglasses. I have a vintage pair of Raybans in their ’round’ style which my mum bought in the 80’s which I love to wear. Raybans are everything for me and I literally have to talk to myself regularly to stop myself buying several new pairs. Lately I have been eyeing up the new ‘Erika’ style and this pair is my favourite. You can also customise and custom build your own Raybans on their site now which is addictive and also dangerous for the bank account!
  • Fake tattoos. Does this make me a little basic biatch? I don’t know, nor do I care. *Swishes hair*.  I have yet to try the whole fake tattoo trend but I really want to give it a go! This ‘Child of Wild’ set would look amazing on tanned skin at any beach, whether you’re off to Bognor or Barbados. (My mum lives in Bognor, actually a lovely beach FYI!).
  • Picnic set. If you follow me on any form of social media or read my blog regularly you will know I absolutely live for food. So it isn’t a shock that this item is on my beach essentials list, in actual fact what is a shock is that it isn’t bulletpoint number one! I saw this one in my local Aldi when doing my weekly shop and stupidly, I didn’t immediately buy it. I have since gone back and it is no longer there and I honestly don’t think I will ever forgive myself. I can feel the image of me skipping through a field, basket in one hand and a bunch of peonies in the other slipping further and further away into the distance. Not to be dramatic or anything. If you see it and fancy buying it for me, do feel free. Tis my birthday on Friday 😉
  • Summer bag. When it comes to the summer bag, Kate Spade does it best. I honestly could never buy myself one as I would never be able to pick just the one. Please take a look for yourself – every. single. design. is amazing. I am lucky enough to own a shopper and I reallyyyyy want to get my hands on a clutch. Would love to see pictures if any of you have one! There is also matching accessories and clothes to go with most bags #JustSaying.
  • Swimwear. Adore Me have got it going on when it comes to lingerie and swimwear so it is only right they get a mention on the list! I really want to try this swimming costume this summer as I feel it would be super flattering on my lady lumps! I have always favoured fuller swimwear (think thick straps, generally more material) rather than the awful little triangle tie up bikinis you can get. I knowwww they look great on some people and if I was a size 0 and had legs for days, I would instantly change my mind. But I love a proper cup size, briefs that don’t give me a wedgie and straps that keep the girls where they should be. So there. Not bitter at all skinny minnies, haha! Seriously though Adore Me have really impressed me with their range and the variety of styles and sizes on their site, check them out – if you are over a DD bra size you will love the link fyi!!
  • Misc. So my list concludes with a sort of sub-list of other various things that get a shout out on my beach must have list: Body chain (so Beyonce), anything with daisies on, spray in conditioner for hair that doesn’t resemble straw, sun cream in SPF 30, Pimms (obviously), a good book, speakers, ipod and finally good company. What is all of the above without great friends and family to share it with?

    I’m allllll about the sunglasses! ^^

Is there anything you take to the beach which you think I might like to hear about? Anything out of the ordinary or so good you can’t keep it to yourself? Drop me a comment below why don’t ya 🙂
Just Hollie xox
Shop the post:

Boohoo triangle bikini swimwear
£24 – boohoo.com

Sole Society fringe sandals
£48 – solesociety.com

Kate Spade cross body
£175 – katespade.com

Silver jewellery

Headband hair accessory
£23 – etsy.com

Picnic Time red basket
£58 – nordstrom.com
*Post in collaboration with Adore Me #BeachDayMusts

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