Delicious summer salad recipe

Sooo please humour me, this is a recipe for a light, refreshing summer salad. I am aware that it is no more like summer outside here in the UK than it was back in February. But, there is no harm in pretending right? (Read my post here for more pretending it is summer).
I don’t know about you but I like to eat to the seasons and I typically find myself wanting lighter food like this recipe in the summer and more what I would call ‘English’ food in the colder months, meaning things like stew and cottage pie etc. I try and mix it up a little using different grains, pulses and beans and also differnt types of ‘greens’ to what I might normally have. For example I like to eat more things like cous cous in the summer, more lentils and in this recipe I have used buckwheat. I am also growing myself a little herb garden (seperate garden post to come for those of you with green fingers) so I am itching to prepare more meals where there is need for me to prance outside and announce ‘I am just popping out to get some herbs for tea’. I literally feel like the smuggest Ssally in the world when I use my own herbs, it is funny what makes us happy isn’t it? Continue reading


Orford in a hurry

Picture the scene: It’s Saturday morning, you’ve slept in (rare treat), you check the ole BBC weather app and it tells you that you have approximately 4 hours until you need to get Noah on the phone and check into the ark. What you gonna do? Go on a mini adventure, of course! I mean, you could do adult things like clean the house, weed the garden, blah blah blahhhh but isn’t life too short for all of that whilst the sun is out?  Continue reading

A birthday, the beach and Byfords

I’m going to start this post with a bit of a lame excuse. I should’ve written this post approximately 2 weeks ago as it is about my birthday weekend at the start of the month (woo!). I turned 24 on the 3rd of June and ever since life has been full steam ahead. We had this gorgeous weekend away i’m about to tell you about, my day job exploded and suddenly got ridiculously busy, I joined the gym and we have been for mini breaks in London and Manchester. All this in a two week window, so I hope I am forgiven for taking my eye off the blogging ball in June. I have posted since this lovely birthday weekend but they have been short posts and I really didn’t want to rush this one as I had the best time.

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The girls guide to football(ers)

Hands up if you like football? I’m guessing that around 1 in 10 of you girls will have darted your hand in the air and the other 9 would have rolled their eyes and swore at their boyfriend/husbands in your head. Well I am actually one of the minority who loves watching the beautiful game! So, seeing as I am writing this with half an hour to spare untill the England v Slovakia european cup game comes on, I thought I would write a little pervy post as to why you should maybe invest some time in football and give yourself a chance to like it. (Your boyfriend’s cheque will be winging it’s way into my letter box approx. 2 hours after you’ve read this and start name dropping).

The main reason to like football: The players are mostly hot to trot

So, i’m just going to leave a few pictures below of my top 5 fit footballers (Does this  count as sexism? Nahhh) and their names so you can google them until your eyes actually fall out of your head. You’re welcome. Come on Englanddddd!

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Is this the beginning of the end for body shaming?

I have a couple of confessions to make before I get too into writing this post:

1) If you read this you will know that I was meant to be going to my first blogger event yesterday morning and I was real nervous, yet excited. So there I was all glammed up (it was 10am and I was fully dressed and makeup was on, so for a Saturday morning my meaning of glam is slightly skewed) and got in my little car and drove into the fine city of Norwich. Arrived at The Forum where the meet up was happening and that is where it kind of went wrong. Continue reading

Blogging for the shy girl

Good evening! I hope you have all had a lovely couple of weeks – I may not have been writing lots of posts lately (sorryyyyyy) but I have enjoyed connecting with a few of you on social media so thank you, I am loving growing the Just Hollie community. If you aren’t already, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram using @JustHollieBlog. I would love to hear from more of you!  Continue reading