Blogging – New Experiences and Nerves

Good evening! I hope you have all had a lovely couple of weeks – I may not have been writing lots of posts lately (sorryyyyyy) but I have enjoyed connecting with a few of you on social media so thank you, I am loving growing the Just Hollie community. If you aren’t already, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram using @JustHollieBlog. I would love to hear from more of you!

What did you all do for the bank holiday? Enjoying the sunshine I hope! It was my birthday on the 3rd of June, hence the lack of posts, I have been so busy! It’s nice to finally have a few days to catch my breath, not that I should complain. I have been feeling all glam jet setter blogger babe lately with weekends away and surprise trips – but it’s back to reality now. I had a gorg bank holiday weekend in London where I finally went to the theatre and saw Wicked and OMG it was so good, I would deffo suggest going to see it (if you are too, like me, 10 years behind the times on this). I also had a lush surprise weekend away to North Norfolk (best place in the world), specifically in Holt and Holkham. But, seperate post on that to come! Spoiler: it will make you want to book a weekend in that gorgeous part of the world asap.

Me in London.jpg

Sooo let’s get to the point of this post shall we? As you may know, I haven’t been blogging too long. More specifically, I started Just Hollie in March this year and I am absolutely loving it. The blogging community is so unique and fun and I really enjoy writing again after so many years of not having the chance. I really hope you all enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them?! Bearing this in mind, I have my first blogger meet up this Saturday and I am so nervous! I am by no means a social butterfly and I do not have a huge social circle. I am typically the quiet girl in the corner, speaking to a select few people and being content with a good book and a glass of wine on a Saturday night. But regardless, I am really keen to meet like minded ladies in my area and get mingling with some bloggers and local businesses, as I plan to be in this game for a few years to come if you all continue to support me how you are currently (really do love you, you lovely readers you). So what I am trying to say is this weekend, for me, is about overcoming the bubbling anxiety I feel when I think about walking in to a room full of people I have never met before and try to relax and have fun! I will be trying some new beauty products and testing some makeup for you all so I will let you know how I get on in my review post 🙂

Do any of you lovely fellow bloggers go to meet ups? Tips please?
If you see a blonde haired girl breathing in to a brown paper bag in Norwich on Saturday, please check I’m ok. Thanks xox

The best is yet to come.jpg

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