Is this the beginning of the end for body shaming?

I have a couple of confessions to make before I get too into writing this post:

1) If you read this you will know that I was meant to be going to my first blogger event yesterday morning and I was real nervous, yet excited. So there I was all glammed up (it was 10am and I was fully dressed and makeup was on, so for a Saturday morning my meaning of glam is slightly skewed) and got in my little car and drove into the fine city of Norwich. Arrived at The Forum where the meet up was happening and that is where it kind of went wrong. If you don’t know, The Forum is a massive library in the heart of Norwich and also has rooms for BBC radio and also meeting rooms you can hire for events such as these. I have never been inside before, never had the need to. Also can I please state, I have a new phone and Saturday morning I still had no signal as my number hadn’t changed sim cards yet. So, long story short, I walked around that damn Forum about a gazillion times and could I find this meet up? No. Did I have access to the email with the room name I was meant to be looking for? No. So in essence, I didn’t make the meet up. I have however, booked tickets to another meetup hosted by Norwich Bloggers in July – the anxiety continues.

2) I am secretly hoping that, for personal reasons, the end of fat shaming is nigh. As I am currently 3/4 of a sharing bag of Dorito’s down and I have another waiting for me (might share that one who knows). With Nacho dip. Sorry not sorry.


Now I have that off my chest I will get to what I was actually planning on writing about today. I would like a show of hands who has noticed the same thing as me lately – celebrities aren’t all stick thin anymore. Like, lots and lots of them are looking *gasp* like real life sized women. Isn’t it bloomin marvellous.

For so many years celebrity hasn’t represented the general public. There were teeny tiny celebs (most of them) and then there were the ones who made a point of being ‘plus sized’ and were way bigger than your average. Nothing inbetween. But not anymore, I have really noticed a growing number of what I shall call ‘inbetweeneers’ like most of us!! And more importantly, people aren’t bitching about it. Please see below examples of what I mean (and jump for joy);

Iskra Lawrence 


Source: Iamiskra Instagram

This beaut of a lady is the bloody best. With 2 million followers on Instagram, it seems i’m not the only one who stalks her completely in awe, more often that I will admit to. She is an English model, who does NOT classify herself as a plus-sized model and why should she? She isn’t. She makes a point of not re-rouching any photos she uploads of herself and also runs Runway Riot, a website for all ladies who want to feel fab! She is a breath of fresh air and I know several blokes who will admit they fancy the pants off her!

The Kardashians


Love them or hate then, there is no denying that the Kardashians are doing wonders for promoting a more normal body image, especially amongst teens. Within one family you have the tall and slender Kendall, a petite Kourtney, a voluptuous Kim, Khloe who always struggled with her weight and now has transformed herself, showing us how it can be done and you have Kylie who has curves and flaunts them proudly like a young girl should be doing. They are all different, they all look healthy and beautiful and they’re one of the most influential families in the world. Now, this doesn’t mean to say I agree with the way the Kardashians go about everything (if you read this post you will know what I am talking about), but it can’t hurt that they are so famous and everywhere in the media and they have achievable bodies. With so many easily influenced girls on social media, wouldn’t it be awful if they were all looking like they need a square meal. I do like the honesty of these ladies, we know the struggles they go through to stay in shape and they don’t hide it, reminding us that if we do want to look good it takes work. None of this ‘I just have a fast metabolism’ bollocks.

kardashians waist trainer.png

Source: Instagram

Meghan Trainor

If you know anything about this lady then you already know what I am going to say. She sings about rockin her bod and she means it. She manages to more than sucessfully do the whole pop star thing without giving into pressures to look a certain way. She recently pulled a music video as she realised that her figure had been slimmed down in post -production, which I personally think is such an awesome thing to do. Could you imagine if there was someone specifically employed to make pictures and videos of you look slimmer than you actually are – and then imagine having the will power to say that you don’t want that to happen. How many of us could actually say we wouldn’t give in to the temptation of the photo editing. And that is why I love her; she is so aware of her audience and the influence she has and also she has such confidence in herself. We could all learn lessons from Meghan!

Meghan trainor.jpg

Various other ‘inbetweeners’ absolutely slayin’ lately are;

Clockwise from top: Selena Gomez, Little Mix, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Christina Hendricks, Kate Upton and Holly Willoughby.

I think you will agree the celebs mentioned in this post all look great and my point is, the universal opinion is just that. Rewind a few years ago and they would’ve been on the front cover of some magazine or another with a headline about how many pounds they’ve put on or how they’ve been told by their managers to slim down. But right here in 2016 you’re more likely to see tips on their Instagram feed on how many squats to do to get a booty like theirs or a front cover of Woman’s Health with their beaming faces on the front. It really does seem that we have turned a corner and realised that skinny doesn’t equal healthy. Working out and eating lots of great, natural food are looking like they’re set to stay and I couldn’t be happier. Eyebrows or thighbrows, they’re all looking bigger and better.

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