The girls guide to football(ers)

Hands up if you like football? I’m guessing that around 1 in 10 of you girls will have darted your hand in the air and the other 9 would have rolled their eyes and swore at their boyfriend/husbands in your head. Well I am actually one of the minority who loves watching the beautiful game! So, seeing as I am writing this with half an hour to spare untill the England v Slovakia european cup game comes on, I thought I would write a little pervy post as to why you should maybe invest some time in football and give yourself a chance to like it. (Your boyfriend’s cheque will be winging it’s way into my letter box approx. 2 hours after you’ve read this and start name dropping).

The main reason to like football: The players are mostly hot to trot

So, i’m just going to leave a few pictures below of my top 5 fit footballers (Does this  count as sexism? Nahhh) and their names so you can google them until your eyes actually fall out of your head. You’re welcome. Come on Englanddddd!

  1. Jamie Redknapp (He doesn’t play anymore but deserves the #1 spot always, in this list and my heart. Yes I just said that. Also married to ‘Louise’ of 90’s pop singing fame).
  2. Jesse Lingard (Manchester United – my team!)
  3. Joe Hart (Manchester City/England – Fun fact, once met him in Harrods whilst he was buying his wife a handbag, sob)


  4. Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal/Wales and voted by Vogue as Euro 2016’s most stylish footballer)


  5. Gerard Pique (Barcelona/Spain and also Shakira’s husband)

    *Picture sources unknown



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