Byfords, Holt – A Birthday to Remember

I’m going to start this post with a bit of a lame excuse. I should’ve written this post approximately 2 weeks ago as it is about my birthday weekend at the start of the month (woo!). I turned 24 on the 3rd of June and ever since life has been full steam ahead. We had this gorgeous weekend away i’m about to tell you about, my day job exploded and suddenly got ridiculously busy, I joined the gym and we have been for mini breaks in London and Manchester. All this in a two week window, so I hope I am forgiven for taking my eye off the blogging ball in June. I have posted since this lovely birthday weekend but they have been short posts and I really didn’t want to rush this one as I had the best time.

So if you aren’t from my neck of the woods you might not have heard of Byfords and if this is the case, I am glad to be the one to introduce you to it’s charm. I live in England on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and Byfords is in Holt, which is North Norfolk, so about 2 hours from me. My gorgeous boyfriend Daniel organised this birthday weekend for me and it was a total surprise, so I got in the car on Friday the 3rd without a clue where we were going, just that I needed an overnight bag and smart-casual clothing. I’m not usually the sort of person who likes surprises but I was actually really looking forward to this. I love a little staycation as we live in such a beautiful part of the world – if you haven’t been you should definitely plan a visit my way. Eventually after driving past Norwich and towards Holt, I cottoned on to the location of our stay. I didn’t however put 2 and 2 together and realise we were staying at the lovely Byfords for the night, somewhere I have seen on social media and other various Norfolk blogs/magazines – so you can imagine how giddy I was when Dan walked me up to the entrance and told me this was our destination. Boy done good.

Byfords exterior

It turns out he had booked a ‘posh double’ room for our stay and man oh man it lived up to it’s name. After entering the building through the cutest little deli (it was all cobbled and old fashioned, like a Victorian street or something) we checked in and once again I nearly fainted with glee when the lovely receptionist opened the door to our room. It was in a little out house and seperate to the main building, I can imagine it would be a very sort after room given the choice; it felt like you had your own little cottage rather than a room.

Byfords restaurant

So I did the usual thing of sprawling on the bed, looking in all of the drawers and fiddling with absolutely everything in the room and Byfords really do have everything you need for a luxurious little break. A mini fridge with fresh milk, every sort of tea and coffee you could want, candles and bath salts in the bathroom along with in shower speakers, Norfolk magazines and a tray so you can have breakfast in bed (and lots more little details I won’t bore you with). Can you tell I liked it? So after being prized away from the room we went across to the restaurant for ‘Norfolk’s most romantic candle lit dinner’ and the claim didn’t disappoint. The setting was beautiful (we had a little window seat in a corner to ourselves), the food was lovely and the service was fab. If you have the chance to go to Byfords even just for dinner I would recommend it. I had 4 peach bellini’s (one of my fav drinks) and was suitably tipsy when I skipped my way back to the hotel room after the meal. Fast forward to the morning and I found myself relaxing in the most beautiful bathroom I have literally ever been in and debating whether it was acceptable to have a shower afterwards as that too looked amazing. It is safe to say I was veryyyyy relaxed, extremely clean and very ready for the breakfast we had before leaving this little haven. Best coffee in Norfolk, just saying!

Starter at Byfords

From Holt we took a little drive to the picturesque village of Holkham where we walked around the regal looking Holkham hall and estate before adventuring down to the famous Holkham beach. Why is it famous I hear you ask! Well, have you ever seen the video for All Saints ‘Pure Shores’? Yep, it’s Holkham Beach. The final beach scene in ‘Shakespeare in Love’? Also Holkham beach. It is also a royal favourite and it was voted top beach in the UK by a very discerning group of travel writers, beating Cornish paradise Watergate Bay. Amazingly, this was my first visit to this beach despite living so close and I am already aching to go back, it definitely rivals any beach you could name – home or abroad.

Food at the pub in Holkham

Holkham beach

So that ladies and gentlemen was my birthday weekend surprise. It was the perfect way to recharge the batteries and I would recommend it to anyone, doctors should prescribe it i’m telling ya.

Do any of you have somewhere you go to relax and feel like ‘you’ again? Have you been to North Norfolk? Would love to hear your favourite spots.

Just Hollie xox









4 thoughts on “Byfords, Holt – A Birthday to Remember

  1. newgirlintoon says:

    I grew up near Coltishall so haven’t really spent that much time in North Norfolk either – my sister got married in Holkham last year though and we loved the short time we spent up in that part of the county. Your staycation looks gorgeous, every time we come back to visit Norfolk we stay with my parents but now I’m thinking next time we should escape and maybe stay in North Norfolk instead for a change of scenery!


  2. The Activist says:

    There’s some great historical places to visit…Nelson’s birthplace for example as well as some lovely coastal hideaways. We’ve been to Holkham beach too…twice,the naturist part of course lol

    Liked by 1 person

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