Buckwheat and Samphire Summer Salad

I don’t know about you, but I like to eat to the seasons. I typically find myself wanting lighter food in the summer and more what I would call ‘English’ food in the colder months, meaning things like stew and cottage pie etc. I try and mix it up a little using different grains, pulses and beans and also different types of ‘greens’ to what I might normally have. For example I like to eat more things like couscous in the summer, more lentils and in this recipe I have used buckwheat. I am also growing myself a little herb garden, so I am itching to prepare more meals where there is need for me to prance outside and announce ‘I am just popping out to get some herbs for tea’. I literally feel like the smuggest Sally in the world when I use my own herbs, it is funny what makes us happy isn’t it?

Summer salad 2.JPG
So in this particular recipe, as with previous offerings, the ingredients are all interchangeable and the amounts are very rough, this is more of a guideline for you to interpret and create your own takes on this dish. You will feel rejuvenated and healthy after eating something like this, such a nice feeling.

Any kind of white fish
Fresh mint
Fresh parsley
Frozen peas
Truffle oil

Fish salad


  • Half a cup of buckwheat per person, into a bowl. Pour boiling water over this until it just covers the grains, plus a tiny bit more. Cover and leave to soften and absorb (buckwheat is cooked much like couscous). I sometimes use stock rather than just plain boiling water as it is at this stage the buckwheat can absorb flavour.


  • Cook your fish however you like to cook it, just as you normally would. I personally start most of my fish in a pan with a little butter to flash fry then transfer it into the oven to finish. However you cook your fish, cook it at this point and then flake to cool quickly.
  • Next you want to prepare the samphire, peas and asparagus. Simply put a knob of butter in a pan and also a splash of boiling water; sit the asparagus (after snapping off the woody hard ends), the peas and the samphire in this and put a lid on it for approx 4-5 minutes, you don’t want it overcooking and losing all flavour and nutrients. You can also season with a little pepper at this point, but there is no need for salt as samphire is naturally slightly salty.

    Cooking asparagus

  • Now all you simply need to do is to assemble the salad. In a big bowl you want to put the lettuce leaves, the fresh herbs finely chopped (finely doesn’t need to be neat, as long as they are chopped), the fish, the buckwheat, the greens and squeeze fresh lemon juice over all of this.
  • Portion this into bowls and drizzle with truffle oil to finishm- this makes all the difference. If you don’t currently use truffle oil I urge you to drop everything and buy some now, it will change your life. *

    Sumer salad
    *Kind of.

Bon appetite! As always would love to see pics of your versions of my recipes, tweet me @Justhollieblog xox

Truffle oil.JPG

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