On screen fashion: A list of the best 

Do you ever watch something, say a film or a tv series, and the fashion is so good and the women look so glam you question what you’re doing with your life and why don’t you look like that? I love this feeling, there is nothing I like better than a bit of fashion porn. So I have put together a list of my favourite ever films/tv programmes that make me want to go out shopping right now and book myself into every salon in the local area for various stages of a makeover.

The Hills


Between 2006-2010 The Hills was my life. I used to spend every hour of my days off whilst I was at college watching Lauren, Heidi, Whitney, Audrina and co. run around LA and absolutely rockin’ it. I really, really wanted to be Lauren and I would colour my hair like hers and was totally in love with Brody Jenner (not so much now fyi). I have all of the series’ on DVD and I really am tempted to re-watch from day 1 all over again. I have just found out that there is going to be a special one off reunion show (i’m guessing for the 10 year anniversary) airing on MTV on August 2nd 2016 and I am so, so excited. Then after The Hills came…

The City *
*Read Olivia Palermo

The City.jpg

Olivia god damn Palermo. So, I wasn’t really in love with the show in the same way I was The Hills. But man oh man isn’t Olivia the most beautiful, stylish woman ever to walk this earth? I could spend hours just admiring her ensembles on google image search, I highly suggest you do the same, she is amazinggggg.

Funny Face

Audrey Funny Face wedding dress

Audrey in Funnyface

Audrey in Funny Face

Timeless, classy and utterly beautiful. I have been watching Audrey Hepburn films since I was about 10 years old and I still absolutely idolise her! Now I feel everyone knows and loves the images of Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s but Funny Face isn’t so widely appreciated but the fashion is just as good or even better. She instantly makes me want me want to walk taller, pronounce my words with more class and be a picture of health for the rest of my life.

Sex and the City 

Sex and the City 2

If you are reading this, it means that you like fashion. If you like fashion, I do not need to tell you why Sex and the City is the holy grail of fashion porn. Carrie Bradshaw is a goddess and noone will ever convince me otherwise. Patricia Field is the best stylist ever and likewise, noone could ever change my mind on this absolute fact. I once bought a £7 Newlook dress which was so like the blue Halston Heritage dress Carrie wears in an episode I wore it to every occasion I could for months until I could no longer get away with it. I still have it now and thinking about it, should really start wearing it again more often. Halston Heritage is a fav of mine FYI so if anyone would like to give me the winning lottery numbers so I could actually own a piece I would forever be in your debt.

The Great Gatsby 

The Great Gatsby

When I heard that Baz Luhrmann was re-creating The Great Gatsby, I just knew that the fashion would be exceptional and it deffo is! Suprisingly though it was the men’s fashion that really impressed me, Leonardo DiCaprio’s wardrobe is something my other half dreams of! I love this film, it is a treat for the eyes and the soundtrack is the one.


Kate Winslet in Titanic

I often feel that Titanic is such an epic film, the story so dramatic and emotional, that the fashion often gets overlooked. Kate Winslet is one of my absolute idols, not just in fashion but in life. She is so natural, intelligent and confident she is a breathe of fresh air in the land of celebrity – And in this film she wears some bloomin gorgeous dresses and her hair and makeup are perfection.

Factory Girl 

Factory girl image

Factory Girl

Sienna Miller in Factory Girl

I got a little carried away when searching for images to put in this post of Factory Girl. That is because every single scene in this film is filled with such amazing fashion, especially if you are a vintage/retro fan (which I am). It is set in the 60’s and if you don’t know, it’s about the famous ‘friendship’ between It Girl Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol, it is one of my favourite films ever! I always love anything with Sienna Miller in, she is a fashion genius in her own right but this film takes it to a new level. It even features a little cameo from the ever well dressed Mary-Kate Olsen, someone else I could google for hours.

So that concludes my round-up of my fav fashion on screen, what have I missed? I’m sure that lots of you will have favourites that I have forgotten, I would love to hear what they are, feel free to leave comments I love reading them xox

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