Berrys and Grey 

Berrys and Grey, Royal Arcade, Norwich. One of those places where you can feel inferior and inspired all at the same time, your head being filled with ideas about how you can jazz up your home and sad at the fact it will never look half as beautiful as this shop does!

I have seen this little gem all over Insta and Twitter for a good while now and I finally had the time to visit a couple of weeks ago and O.M.G. First of all it is a bloggers heaven, filled with white, rose gold, copper, texture, trends and anything else you would wish for the perfect blogger-worthy home. Even the setting in which this shop finds itself is amazing, if you’ve never been to the Royal Arcade in Norwich’s city centre you should take a little visit, it’s a beauty.

Berrys and Grey .JPG

Berrys and Grey 2.JPG

Berrys and Grey 3.JPG

As you can see from the above, snapping is encouraged so I did just that! I have taken pictures of my favourite areas of the shop and some of my favourite pieces, there are so many things on my wish list I don’t even know where to start! (Nor does my bank balance but let’s not talk about that). First on the list is one of these natty little light boxes. I first saw these when Fearne Cotton posted the below picture and I’ve really wanted one ever since (7 out of 10 of my obsessions generally start with a Fearne Cotton Insta post FYI). Now I am really torn about whether it is basic blogger bitch of me to get one and use it in my posts or is it really just cool as f*** and I should crack on and buy one? Probably will have one by the time the weekend is out now I’ve said this *monkey giggling emoji*.

Fearne Cotton.jpg

Did you ever watch Gossip Girl? I did and it is one of my all time favourites, I have re-watched from the start probably 4 times now and I really want to start over again. Well this shop reminds me of the Van Der Woodsen apartment with its amazing interiors – remember the amazing Prada picture on the wall and Serena’s bedroom decor? Berrys and Grey reallyyyy reminds me of this type of look and feel, something I could only but wish for in my own home. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please have a little google, you will fall in love with it just like I did! (Better still watch Gossip Girl!).

Berrys and Grey 4
Berrys and Grey 5
Berrys and Grey 6
Berrys and Grey 7

Another one of my absolute lust haves has recently caught the eye of the ever beautiful Nicola Haste (Pixiwoo), how amazing are these candles? I can just see it now, blogging desk all set up, all white and perspex, black and white everything, these candles glowing away. Seriously if anyone would like to fund this I am more than happy to let you, all you gotta do is ask people.

Nicola Haste

I’m going to stop blathering on now and just post the rest of my pics of this little treasure trove, be sure to check out their website here, its just as cute as the shop!

One more thing actually, can you just look at the below pic for a moment and appreciate the cushions, dying. xox

Berrys and Grey 12
Berrys and Grey 11



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