Things to Do Before I Die…

About a month ago, I was in Norwich with my best friend Lauren and we saw a shop she really liked and so as not to forget about it, she grabbed out her phone and typed the name of it in a ‘note’ (ironically I don’t remember which shop). I know, cool story bro, but let me finish. After she typed this note, she glanced at a list of other notes in her phone and came across her bucket list. Excitedly, she told me that she composed this list about a year ago and had totally forgotten about it. Fascinated, I made her read me the entire list and as it was made a year ago, there were inevitably things which she had achieved and could delete (or metaphorically cross off). Some small things, some major life events – I felt really proud as she deleted things from her list and she looked so accomplished and content.

So at the time my friend probably didn’t think any more of this list as the conversation moved on and we carried on with our day, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of *dare I say it* jealousy that 1) I did’t have such a list and that 2) even if I did, what would I be crossing off? So it doesn’t take a detective to guess where this post is going; Yes, I am going to write my own bucket list. Right here in this post, as I think of things, whatever they may be. So please, no judgement, no laughing (as some may be ridiculous) and excuse the randomness as like I say, this is being made up as I go. I’m excited. Here we go!


  • Go on holiday with my boyfriend Daniel. We have been together 4 years and the furthest we have been is Ireland to a family wedding. Not because we haven’t wanted to but because we were only together around 6 months before deciding we wanted to buy a house and the dull drone of saving kicked in, preventing us such luxuries in life! But now we have lived in said house for a year it is high time we became jet setters!
  • Go to a ballet, preferably to see the Nutcracker or Swan Lake.
  • Watch an opera, preferably Carmen.
  • Do a Liz Gilbert and recreate her journey in Eat, Pray, Love. If you haven’t seen this film or read the book do it immediately, it will change your life.
  • Write a book and publish said book, content tbc.
  • Write something for a newspaper.
  • Take A levels and move on to get a degree. I loved my hairdressing career but I wish I could go back and stay at school for A levels first. That being said I don’t regret not going to uni, that life isn’t for me. Alllll about the distance learning, so want to do an open university course.
  • Get an NCTJ qualification (journalism).


  • Take two weeks to travel France and go wine tasting, cheese tasting, just all the tasting. Preferably ending up in St Tropez or Monaco for some glamour.
  • Whilst on said French travels, take cooking classes.
  • Go to Santorini.
  • Go to Lake Como, the Vatican and Pompeii. Basically travel Italy.
  • Go to Dubrovnik.
  • Spend New Years in Scotland.
  • Spend St Patrick’s day in Ireland.
  • Visit Amsterdam; Anne Franks house, tulip fields and the flower parade they have yearly. Also that day where everyone wears orange, I forget what it is called.
  • Visit Auschwitz and also the site of the Battle of the Somme. Massively into WW2.
  • Get a spray tan (I know, shock, a blogger that has never had one!).
  • Be mistaken for a celeb but pretend I am them. Let’s be honest it will be either Sharon Mitchell (Eastenders) or Vanessa Feltz but I’m ok with that. Lol.
  • Go to a salon just for a blowdry, just because I want too, no occasion.
  • Learn to speak fluent French and Italian.
  • Buy a Beagle and call him Baxter.
  • Go on the London Eye, can’t believe I have never done it.
  • Conquer my fear and go on the London Underground alone.
  • Visit Stonehenge.
  • Get a tattoo of a daisy (naturally, you will know why if you have read this).
  • Run a half marathon. I have only ever done a 10K and that nearly killed me so not sure how realistic this is, but you never know.
  • Have the patience to complete a whole colouring book. About as realistic as the half marathon tbh.
  • Go to the big Harry Potter world in America. I think there are two now, so whichever one is the best.
  • Learn to pole dance. Not to be a stripper though (but you know, if times get hard, something to fall back on? Haha I kid). Seriously it makes amazing fitness to pole, I’ve always wanted to try it.
  • Go to the water circus near where I live (The Hippodrome in Great Yarmouth). Random, but I have never been and most of the population of Norfolk and Suffolk will know what i’m talking about.
  • Go on a cruise, a proper cheesy cruise. Like an old person, but not when I’m old.
  • Print all of the pictures I love and put them into albums.
  • Have a photoshoot with Dan.
  • Take my nieces and nephew out for the day somewhere fab and embrace the inner child in me.
  • Get a really amazing henna tattoo done on both hands and feet.
  • Go to India for weeks to explore all of the different regions, I love everything about Indian, always have, not really sure why.


  • Study Buddhism. I once saw a physic and this is one of the things they encouraged me to do. (That along with ditch the boyfriend I was currently with which I thankfully eventually did and also she told me I wasn’t born to be a hairdresser which I also eventually agreed with, although at the time I was adamant she was wrong). Buddhism has always fascinated me and I really think it would enrich my life, not sure why, just a feeling. I know that sounds weird, you’ll have to just trust me.
  • Have a relaxation room where I can meditate, do yoga and just have a spiritual, quiet place to myself.
  • Do karaoke. Never done it, always wanted to.
  • Go on holiday with my mum.
  • Go on holiday with my friends again. The first time was Magaluf and although at the time we thought it was amazing, we could probably go somewhere a little more upmarket. Probably.


  • Give birth.
  • Have a kitchen with an island in the middle and pots and pans hanging around it.
  • Have a 4 poster bed.
  • Have an outhouse in my garden with a jacuzzi in.
  • See Beyonce live.
  • See The Spice Girls live if they ever tour again, which I pray to every God they will. Ultimate favourites forever.

The Spice Girls.jpg

  • Be able to one day give up my full-time job to write for a living.
  • Be able to do said writing in a home office whilst bringing up the children I will hopefully one day have.
  • Visit Havana and dance the night away in the clubs, local Cuban style.
  • Visit Rio whilst the carnival is on.
  • Go VIP at a Manchester United game and be able to treat Dan to this too. Yes, I’m a not so closet football fan!
  • Meet Posh and Becks, ullllllltimate idols. That’s not even me being ironic I genuinely love them. Everything about them!
  • Have the dream wedding with all the glamour and opulence you can throw a stick at.

Right, I am going to stop there for fear of boring you all to death and getting this post in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest blog post since records began, as I could go on and on with this list. I hope to revisit this in maybe a year or two years time and see what I can cross off and maybe add some more! Even if none of you share my enthusiasm for this, which I’m kind of hoping you do, I don’t care because I’ve wanted to do this post for ages now. It is very cathartic, you should all try it. It makes you really think and be excited for life, which is always a good thing. Please share with me what your ultimate bucket list additions would be in the comments below, I would genuinely be interested to hear!

Just Hollie xox

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