Interior wish list & home tour

So I thought that after this recent post, I would carry on the theme of homes and houses by doing a beaut of an interior wish list. Now this isn’t just a filler, fluffy look at these pretty things post – it is genuinely my wish list and not going to lie to you, I just want to collate it for my own reference as much as to share with you all. Since getting the house last year, we have slowly built up a theme in each room but without a money tree in the garden, getting the perfect ‘look at my blogger basic bitch house’ is going to take some time. But luckily, time I do have and prayinggggg this little lot will be under my roof soon!

Living room / Kitchen / Dining Area

So I have a fairly open plan downstairs in my home, something I really wanted as we love cooking and entertaining so it is nice to be able to be in the kitchen and still be spending time with guests. We are lucky in the fact that one end of the living room is a huge bi-fold door which brings in so much light and it really makes you feel like, even if you are stuck indoors on a miserable day, you still have that little bit of outdoors. With this in mind, I have chosen a pallete of white, burnt orange and chrome for the living room, with plants, flowers and pictures on the walls bringing in some different colours. We have light wood and have kept a modern look to keep with the new build aspect of the house. I would really like to include more chrome and maybe some driftwood or more plants, to keep with the outdoor, fresh and light vibe.

I need this planter in my life – this is not a joke when I say the plant in my front room is currently sat in a mixing bowl as I couldn’t find the right pot. In actual fact, brb i’m going to buy this now!

Urban outfitters planter

I also very much like this mirror, £29 Urban Outfitters. It would look great above the sideboard in my living room, although we may have a problem hanging it at a height which both me and Dan will be able to see in it?!

Mirror Urban Outfitters.jpg


With the kitchen, we were so happy with our choice of colour on both the kitchen itself and the tiles. One marvellous thing about being the first ones in your house is that generally you do get to choose things like bathrooms, kitchens and carpets. We went again for modern choices – Black tiles in the kitchen with light grey units, keeping the walls white in the entire downstairs, which really brings everything together. With the black and grey, I couldn’t help but sneak a little pink into the colour scheme (and when I say a little, I mean it, I couldn’t take too much downstairs!). With Dan being an ex chef he really likes a lot of chrome and steel in the kitchen so we do have some industrial aspects, for example the knives on the strip on the wall and all of the utensils hanging within reach of the work area. Next on the list for this room is a butchers block like the one below to create more workspace and also to fill a little dead space we have.

Need to find a *slightly* cheaper version of this John Lewis beauty

John Lewis kitchen trolley

The garden is my baby. I love, love, love being outside in the summer and cannot wait to work on this space! So far we have a shed and a table and chairs (which I LOVE) but I cannot wait to get a little more mood lighting going on for the long summer evenings and also to get some more colour out there – I want to feel like i’m stepping out onto a Santorini porch on an August day when I step out of my doors – I don’t think that is too much to ask? Maybe a Moroccan theme instead? Man, I need several gardens, one for each theme I have in my head!

I really want more pots like this blue one from Next, £22

Next blue plant pot

These lights will be everything in the garden! Next, £30

Outdoor lights Next


So we have two bedrooms, a bathroom and an en suite upstairs – more toilets than people in my house! Again all of the walls are white to continue the fresh, modern feel that is so lovely throughout, but I like making each bedroom invididual also.

The main bedroom is starting to take shape, the main feature being a wall of mirrors that conceal a wardrobe behind the sliding doors, which I love and it makes the room look so much bigger. Outside the window in this room you can see trees at the back of our house and these mirrors reflect this, meaning you can always see the trees, it is so relaxing! The theme we have chosen for this room is white, grey, black and yellow. As you may know if you read my posts regularly, I love daisies and this colour scheme is the perfect excuse to incorporate them into the room, yay!

This lampshade would look amazing in main bedroom!

I want to keep all of my bedtime trinkets in a gorg wire basket like this one , £12.99 H&M, next to my bed; I would put in a book, my glasses, a cosy throw and of course slippers! No, I’m not a Grandma yet, sorry not sorry.

H&M Wire basket


The guest bedroom is a little softer and is mainly white, cream and pink! I really want to create a little office in this room also, with a desk for writing on and making myself a little ‘blogger space’. At the moment I am currently writing this in bed on my laptop, as is often the case, but I feel I would work so much more efficiently at a desk in a designated area. Not only this, but I am sure it would be better for my posture!

I am in love with this desk from Ikea, £115

Ikea desk

This lamp from John Lewis, £25, is on the wishlist…

John Lewis lamp

…And this limited edition Candelle & Co beauty will look perfect on the desk! #Hustle

Candelle & Co

Going to buy this DIY tassel garland kit from Berrys and Grey and hang it above the spare bed (I’ve yet to choose bed covers, I am so fussy!). Does anyone else struggle to commit when it comes to home and interior purchases?

The last room I need to work on is the absolute sanctury that is my bathroom. Daniel HATES having a bath and will only ever use the shower so this room is basically mine to do with as I please! I have tried to make it a little spa looking with shells, plants, wood and neutral colours. I want to expand on this and really make it a slice of heaven!

Cannot wait to bath with this caddy, £28 John Lewis

Bath caddy John Lewis

Jacquard weave bath mat – £14.99 – H&M

Jacquard weave bath mat

Now, just want to give a little shoutout to a few items which *sob* don’t go with my home whatsoever, but you do need to see anyway as they are amazinggggg.

Leaf patterned duvet cover set – £24.99 – H&M

Leaf patterned duvet set

 Zoe plant stand, Urban Outfitters £200

Plannt stand.jpg

These bookends from Berrys and Grey are amazing! £55.99

Skull bookends

Eyes peeled on my Instagram to see if (when!) my wishlist appears in my home 🙂 xox

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