The Importance of Good Friends 

I think you have all probably established by now if you read my blog that I am a bit of a homebody – quiet, bookworm, your typical introvert. But rewind 3 days back to the weekend and you would never know – laughing, telling jokes and confidence were the order of the day! What changed? I was with my best friends.

Lauren and Grant have been my best mates since I was 14 years old (scary!) and I truly think that having them there throughout the different stages in my life has stopped me going insane! This isn’t to say that they don’t sometimes drive me insane but I do love them so much! From the time my horrible ex boyfriend cheated on me and Lauren was straight round with a shoulder to cry on, to the time Grant suprised me with a trip to the theatre for my 24th birthday, they are always there.

Me, Lauren and Grant.JPG

How many people do you know, you may even be one of them, who have loads of ‘acquaintances’ but you couldn’t actually name their oldest, dearest friend? Have you ever noticed that the bubbly, social girl in the office always has people surrounding her but in actual fact it is always different people? Now I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t be allowed to have fun, socialise and meet new people because that is such an important part of life, but I am saying this: treasure your real, deep friendships. Make the time for that evening in over a glass of wine, make the time for the shopping trip and make the time to send that text so they know you are thinking of them.

2010 .jpg

Whilst myself, Lauren and Grant were friends throughout high school, we were part of a wider circle. There was probably about 6 or 7 of us who regularly hung out, although we were always the closest. Over the years, some almost immediately after leaving school, this group thinned until we were left – 3 peas in a pod. We all took different paths in our lives once we were let into the real world; I studied hairdressing , had a successful career and then decided to make a change and am now in an office job whilst writing more and more, Grant went on to study at Manchester University and is now flourishing in a career with IBM which takes him all over the world and Lauren has completed an Open University degree in Interior Design and has just landed her dream job. We are living proof that if you do want to keep in touch with people and make friendships work, you really can. Just like any relationship, you need to take the time to nurture it and to put in the effort to make it work! We are constantly (probz a bit too much, sorry Dan) on Whatsapp messaging each other, we have phone calls and more importantly we meet up as much as we can!

Grants 22nd birthday  (2).jpg

The weekend just gone was the perfect example of good old fashioned quality time spent as a threesome – I laughed until my cheeks ached. Grant now lives in Epsom, Surrey so myself and Lauren hopped on the train and went to spend a weekend at his, something I wish we had more time to do! We enjoyed a drink at The Sky Garden on Friday night which, if you haven’t already been, is amazing and you really should go! It is the top of the ‘walkie talkie’ building in Central London and the atmosphere along with the view is second to none in the capital. It is one of my ‘happy places’ and I instantly feel so relaxed whilst there, check it out! On Saturday morning, after a lush breakfast of toast, salmon and poached egg cooked by Grant (something we definitely didn’t used to do for each other when we were 14!) we took ourselves off ten minutes up the road from his house to Chessington World of Adventure! Ha! I can say, hand on heart, this is one of the best days out I have had in such a long, long time! I had the idea in my head that it was going to be for children and maybe a bit naff but it wasn’t at all! The rides were terrifying (I was previously scared of roller coasters but forced myself on, but that is a whole other post!), it wasn’t too busy considering it was school summer holidays and the prices were reasonable. To top it all off, the sun was shining so we had a beaut of a day. It really is simple, heart warming days like this that really cement a friendship – I urge you to message your nearest and dearest right now and arrange something fun. It is all too easy to get caught up in the business of modern life and not make the time for things like this, but to put it bluntly – one day you will be old and frail and you will wish that you had and you won’t be able to change it.

What do you and your friends do which keeps you feeling young and fun?
Just Hollie xox

My 18th birthday

^^ My 18th birthday BBQ! Looking so young! And that phone, haha!

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