The launch of The Little Horse Box

Flowers – check. Venue – check. Dress – check. Drinks served from a horse box converted into a beautiful bar – check?!

Little Horse Box_72.JPG

I’m not getting married, but if I was, I would totally be interested in what I’m about to tell you. There is a new business which launched this week by a wonderful woman local to me here in Norfolk, called The Little Horse Box. This is exactly what it says on the tin, it is a horse box but it has been converted into the perfect mobile bar ready to serve your guests until their hearts desire (or they drink the horse box dry) and they travel all over the country, so even if you are reading this and you don’t live near me, read on! I really do love supporting local businessmen and women so I am happy to be able to tell you about Liddy and help her launch this great venture. I admire people who follow their dreams and are brave enough to throw themselves into a new opportunity, it is so inspiring to see ideas grow into a successful business! So, if you like what you see and you are interested in hiring the horse box, do let her know as I can really see the bookings flying in, so best get in there fast! It is available for hire all throughout the year so even if you aren’t having a summer wedding or event (they don’t just cater for weddings, they can serve at most types of occasions) you can have a slice of this shabby chic heaven. I recently spoke to Liddy, the owner of The Little Horse Box to get to know her better and find out a bit more about it, here is what she had to say… Continue reading


Going public with blogging 

I’m hoping you can help me. I can’t decide whether to ‘go public’ with my blog or keep it as a secret between myself and you beautiful followers/readers.
Here’s the thing: I love blogging/writing and always have done, but not everyone ‘gets it’. I have a seperate Instagram for my blog, I have a seperate Twitter and only my close friends and family know I actually do it. When I first set up Just Hollie I really wanted it to be ‘my thing’ and a way of channelling my passion for writing into something that could also help me grow as a person and hopefully I could get some new experiences from it, which so far has been the case and I am 100% over the moon about that. I now write for a local magazine regularly and I really feel that I am ready to take it all up a notch. The only thing I keep thinking about is whether to put some sort of announcement on my private facebook page or not, so every Tom, Dick and Harry I went to school with/have worked with/is a friend of a friend knows about it or not? Continue reading

A week on ‘The Military Diet’

Whatsapp message – ‘Have you heard of The Military Diet?’ It was Lauren (of blog Lauren Paige Art and Design and my bezza) and she knew just how to get my attention. Ever since around the age of 14 I have been interested in health, fitness and food and Lauren has been the same. We would play squash after school, stick on a workout dvd on a weekend and make healthy dinners as often as we could. This interest hasn’t wavered in the years that followed and although I may not be as slim as I once was, I still love food and nutrition. This is exactly why I was interested to try this ‘fad’ diet (as some might call it) with her when she suggested it, to see if you really could as the website claimed ‘lose ten pounds in a week’. *Spoiler* I didn’t, I lost 4.  Continue reading