A Week On ‘The Military Diet’

Whatsapp message – ‘Have you heard of The Military Diet?’ It was my best friend Lauren and she knew just how to get my attention. Ever since around the age of 14 I have been interested in health, fitness and food and Lauren has been the same. We would play squash after school, stick on a workout dvd on a weekend and make healthy dinners as often as we could. This interest hasn’t wavered in the years that followed and although I may not be as slim as I once was, I still love food and nutrition. This is exactly why I was interested to try this ‘fad’ diet (as some might call it) with her when she suggested it, to see if you really could as the website claimed ‘lose ten pounds in a week’. *Spoiler* I didn’t, I lost 4.



The diet works in a couple of ways; It is low calorie, it is a form of intermittent fasting and the foods are chosen for their chemical make up so are known to naturally burn calories. You stick to a meal plan for three days (I chose the obvious Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and then you just stick to a normal, healthy diet for the other four days of the week. I won’t bore you with the details of each day’s food, you can find everything you need (for free) on this website. The diet wasn’t actually too difficult, despite how awful it may look at first glance. The ice cream and fruit was a treat (I did cover it in cinnamon, not sure if that makes a difference or not to the diet?!), I LOVE cheese with crackers and tuna is a fav. So I guess the success of this diet all depends on if you like the ingredients involved or not, it’s as simple as that! I swapped the cottage cheese for normal cheese and I had 5 hot dogs rather than the 2 on the plan and every meal that passed by was closer to the end as it was only three days long. Perfect if, like me, you haven’t got a lot of attention span and not much willpower.

The Military Diet 2 .JPG

I did the diet wholeheartedly for a week and I lost four pounds. Apparently you can lose ten but to be honest I never expected that to be true and I was so chuffed with four! This would be a perfect diet if you had a big event to go to or maybe before a holiday, it really made me feel slender and svelte. I would definitely do it again, maybe one week a month to keep my appetite and willpower in check. The four pounds have stayed off as I have been trying to be more health aware than normal lately, the Military Diet was a good kick start and kick up the bum! Oh and I had milk in my tea rather than black as on the plan #YOLO.

The Military Diet 3.JPG

The Military Diet.JPG

I also asked Lauren to keep a diary of her experience of the three days as it is always good to get a couple of view points on things like this, so her contribution is below. Do let me know if you give it a go also, I would love to hear how you get on!

Day 1 

Woke up hungry but it disappeared
Took about 30-45 mins to eat breakfast/lunch
Felt full afterwards. Grapefruit was delicious
Ready for dinner at about 6
Dinner was tasty because chicken was moist.
Salt and pepper was needed in green beans
Had warm apples banana and ice cream with sprinkle of cinnamon which was a treat!
Feeling fine going to bed.
Drank 2 green teas with lemon and 2l water.
Not feeling deprived from food 

Day 2

Woke up feeling not bloated or hungry.
Needed lunch at 1 as was really hungry!
Looking forward to tea.    
Enjoyed tea with Hollie

Day 3 

Gave up because weighed myself and only lost 2 pounds

As you can see, Lauren didn’t have quiteeee as much success as me, but then she is smaller than me to start with and probably healthier generally too. That being said, I would still be happy with two pounds a week!

Hollie and Lauren.JPG

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