Going public with blogging 

I’m hoping you can help me. I can’t decide whether to ‘go public’ with my blog or keep it as a secret between myself and you beautiful followers/readers.
Here’s the thing: I love blogging/writing and always have done, but not everyone ‘gets it’. I have a seperate Instagram for my blog, I have a seperate Twitter and only my close friends and family know I actually do it. When I first set up Just Hollie I really wanted it to be ‘my thing’ and a way of channelling my passion for writing into something that could also help me grow as a person and hopefully I could get some new experiences from it, which so far has been the case and I am 100% over the moon about that. I now write for a local magazine regularly and I really feel that I am ready to take it all up a notch. The only thing I keep thinking about is whether to put some sort of announcement on my private facebook page or not, so every Tom, Dick and Harry I went to school with/have worked with/is a friend of a friend knows about it or not?


In one way I would really like to let everyone know as it might explain to people why I’m *slightly* obsessed with taking a picture of every meal I eat/every flower I walk past/generally snapping everything and it would open my blog up to a whole other audience and the potential growth is definitely there. It would open up discussions with people who wouldn’t necessarily know I had this side to me and would generally make me feel like I don’t always have this little secret, forgetting who I have told about Just Hollie and who I hadn’t. But flip that on it’s head and I worry about really putting myself out there with people I work with, people I pass every day on the street and make small talk with and my family and friends. If I write a post about contraception (planning this), my anxiety, my slightly controversial perspective on something or any other numerous things I could potentially write about – Do I want everyone reading it? Isn’t it strange that I actively try to push my innermost thoughts and feelings onto hundreds of strangers  every day yet the thought of Sue* from finance at work reading this makes me feel odd? Anonymity makes you feel like you could write anything and be honest, which is something I think is very important for a blogger, but would I write in the same way for everyone? Yes, I would have to, but it is scary!

Shall I go public with blogging.jpg

My head goes round in circles; Would people at work take me seriously in a professional capacity if they read my blog? But then when I post a picture of me at the weekend having a drink and a dance with my pals I don’t think about it and that is rather more incriminating than anything I would write. Would people I know even read it? Isn’t it big headed of me to think that suddenly everyone I know would rush to my new blog posts to see what I had to say, not everyone is interested. You get the idea of the internal battle I have going on right now, which is why I had to vocalise it in the form of this post!

Calling all bloggers reading this: Have you ‘gone public’? What was the reaction? Would you suggest doing the same? And non-bloggers: If you read posts from someone you knew, what would your thoughts be? Would you see your work colleagues/friends/family differently?

For now anyway, I’m glad of the chance to write for me and for the people who do read my posts, so thank you xox

*There is no Sue in finance. Or if there is, I haven’t met her. 


One thought on “Going public with blogging 

  1. Sheintheknow (@Sheintheknow) says:

    I can’t say this is something I’ve struggled with personally, I’ve been pretty open with my blog amongst friends and family, and there’s nothing wrong with worrying what people might think, but I do agree there is potential growth there.

    I think it would be a fantastic idea to introduce your blog on your personal account, but do it in a way that makes you feel comfortable. I’m sure they’ll discover it anyway at some stage. Let me know what you decide! x



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