The Hoste, Burnham Market

Chelsea-on-Sea, or Burnham Market to you and me, is one of the single most lovely places I have had the pleasure of visiting in the UK. It is nicknamed ‘Chelsea-on-Sea’ mainly because of the amount of Londoners who have chosen to make this Norfolk village their home, or at least second home. It is easy to see why it has gained this name after spending a few hours here – there are Range Rovers aplenty, complete with glamorous looking women sporting a blowdry and Mulberry arm candy (me, jealous? Never). That being said, it has all the charm of a typical North Norfolk village with its flint houses, quaint independent shops and a beautiful church. There is something magical about this part of the country, I fully intend to retire there, as close to Holkham beach as possible!


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A few days ago, myself and Daniel packed ourselves off mid Sunday morning and headed for this pretty village, more specifically we were booked into The Hoste for a spa day complete with cream tea; fabulous! The Hoste is a bar, restaurant, spa and hotel and it is renowned in the area for being great, so I was more than excited when we booked this treat. We were down for the ‘Escape to The Hoste Full Spa Day’ package which consisted of cream tea, glass of bubbly, an hour in a hot tub, a luxury manicure each and the choice of either a facial or full body massage – what more could you want on an autumnal Sunday?
I opted for a facial as my skin is terrible at the best of times (oily, adult acne prone, dull – I could go on) and I adore this treatment, whilst Dan opted for his first ever full body massage. I think he was slightly nervous at the thought of a spa day, he loves being pampered but understandably being a bloke he wasn’t quite sure how to behave or what to expect, but when he relaxed into it he loved it!

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On arrival at The Hoste we checked in at the beauty reception before being taken over to the restaurant for our cream tea and glass of bubbly. The restaurant is decorated beautifully, very English and relaxing whilst still looking slightly formal. Unfortunately, we never got the glass of bubbly, but we did however have the most amazing scones I have ever had! I’m such a sucker for cream tea, I always put far too much cream and jam on and end up making an undignified mess!


Once we were finished, we went back over to the spa for our hour in the hot tub! There is something so relaxing and delicious about being in a hot tub when it is cold outside, I would love to be able to have a garden big enough one day to buy one (and the money, minor detail). One of my favourite weeks of my life was when myself and Dan stayed in a log cabin near Bury St Edmunds which has its own private hot tub – I will tell you all about that in a post one day! The hot tub at The Hoste was lovely, it really got us prepared for our treatments as it gave us an hour to relax and unwind and it was really lovely to spend some quality time together. I’m sure many of you reading this have equally as busy a life as myself and will agree how lush it is just to check out from time to time and spend some one on one time with your partner without a television, phone or any other distraction! We did treat ourselves to a cheeky beverage whilst soaking, because if you don’t have a prosecco in hand are you even in a hot tub?!

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One we dragged our pruning bodies out of the water, we were taken into a double treatment room where we stripped off ready to be sent off into a blissful state of semi-consciousness, courtesy of the lovely beauty therapists who were looking after us for our treatments. I was really happy with my facial, although slightly miffed I wasn’t told anything about the products she was using or asked anything about my skin. There is something satisfying about having your face and neck massaged, I hold quite a lot of weight in my face and I can really feel it de-puffing after having a treatment like this. I should really treat myself to one of those face roller things – does anyone use one they would recommend?

Once our treatments finished, we were left to come back to earth gently and readied ourselves for our luxury manicures, something both of us were in desperate need of as we spent the whole of the previous day scrubbing our house top to bottom – oh the glamorous life of a blogger!! The manicure was another new experience for Daniel, I could have spent the whole time watching his face as he was bemused as to what was going on, especially when the therapist proceeded to put his hands in plastic bags and then thermal mitts – I should have prepped him so he knew what to expect poor man haha! I chose a beautiful deep red colour for my nails, Winter Berries by Jessica, I’m such a fan of red nails! I was slightly disappointed as whilst having my nails done, my manicurist did mention that my treatment came with a bottle of polish but I sadly left without being given one. I did email straight away when I realised what had happened and they are kindly sending a bottle of this lovely colour out to me, so all is well that ends well. Although Dan is now miffed he didn’t get a bottle of the ‘Matte for Men’ used on his nails, so I think I may have to treat him so he doesn’t feel left out (I’ve created a monster!). I love the finish of my manicure, I would definitely recommend The Hoste for both treatments I was lucky enough to enjoy during my visit.

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So would I go back? Yes, I am actually itching to spend another Sunday there, I would love to spend more time exploring the rest of what Burnham Market has to offer as I am now slightly in love with the place! I would really like to have a Sunday roast dinner at The Hoste, as we were leaving we saw lots of people enjoying a cosy meal and I had to literally drag The Boy away – there was an open fire, people with their beautiful dogs and pints in big tankards – it couldn’t have been more English. I would also go back to the beauty and spa side, but unfortunately we live an hour and a half away so unless we did another package like this time, it would be a little too far to travel just to have a manicure! Aside from the missing fizz and polish (which is just me being the typical tight daughter of a, shall we say ‘thrifty’ but fabulous mother) I cannot fault the service we received and the packages would make a great birthday present or just like us, a treat to yourself when you feel like you deserve it.

I’m off to google hot tubs small enough for my little garden, wish me luck.

Just Hollie xox

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