A January of the dry kind

It was December when I had the idea of joining the movement of people not drinking in January. It was early December and I had a whole month of merriment ahead of me. Smugly I signed up through ‘Just Giving’, creating a page telling everyone how I was not going to touch a drop of alcohol for the entirety of the first month of 2017.


As I write this it’s the 11th of January. Now, I didn’t think I had a problem. I thought I would breeze through January and I turned my nose up when people told me I would never do it. A month without alcohol – surely only real alcoholics wouldn’t be able to do that. How bloody wrong was I; I’m not sure if its the social aspect of drinking with friends in a pub or the association of relaxing with a glass of rosé after a hard day of work that I miss or simply that I just really like the taste, but its hard going! I am genuinely surprised at how much I am missing having a cheeky beer whilst watching the football with Dan or being able to even put red wine in my Bolognese! It was Daniel’s birthday on the 6th of January and we went into the city for a couple of drinks and a meal at the Jamie’s Italian in Norwich. It certainly saved us money with me being designated driver, taxis don’t come cheap, but as we went to the brilliant ‘Belgian Monk’ (a pub which serves tens of different Belgian beers) I really was a sourpuss about the situation. I think it is like anything, the minute you ban yourself or you are told you can’t have something, you instantly want it. I would quite often volunteer myself to be the driver on a night out just for ease and to save a bit of cash and not think twice, it’s funny how the brain works it really is. 

Photo 20-10-2016, 15 08 22.jpg

So why put myself through this torture? Well, two reasons. The first being the health aspect of it. Apart from the festive period, this post still very much stands and I am getting slowly back into health and fitness, something I used to be religious about. As suggested in Amelia Freer’s book Eat.Nourish.Glow I am going to try to cut out one of her suggested types of food a month – It just so happens one of the suggested things to try to go without is alcohol so it was a fab place to start. Next month it will be dairy, the month after gluten and so on. If cutting something out makes me feel better, I will continue on and keep that thing to a minimum in my diet but if it has no effect I will reintroduce. Simples!

The second reason I am doing it is charity. I am being kindly sponsored to partake in this ‘dryathlon’ and I am raising money for Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind. This charity is close to my heart and I am really proud to be able to do something to donate money to this wonderful organisation. Whilst mental health issues have never affected me directly (I realise how lucky I am for that) they have affected too many of my closest family and friends and I would do anything I could to help put a stop to that. It is SO brave to ask for help when you are suffering mentally and I want to help make sure that when people do, there are the resources in place to be able to make a difference. If you would like to donate any amount towards my target of £500, please click here which will take you to my Just Giving page. I am only 13% to target as I write this so I need all the help I can get – it genuinely will help next time I’m getting jealous of someone on Eastenders pouring themselves a large glass of wine…! Thank you in advance on behalf of myself but also Norwich Mind. You never know when you might need these services so we should really step outside our own little bubble and do something nice every now and then 🙂


Just Hollie xox


2 thoughts on “A January of the dry kind

  1. Kat says:

    Good for you Hollie! Hopefully the food at Jamie’s Italian made up a bit for the non drinking? I’m yet to go to the Belgian Monk but I’ve heard good things! My sis lives in Norwich so it’s a good excuse to go. All the best with the rest of dry January and getting back into health and fitness. Kat xx



    • Just Hollie says:

      Yesss I LOVE Jamie’s Italian, been to a couple around the country and it never dissapoints – the food doesn’t feel like a chain restaurant which is great. The Belgian Monk is definitely worth a try if you like beer! Thank you, I will blog and tweet my progress which will hopefully keep me going! Just Hollie xox


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