Scarlett & Mustard

Every now and then you come across something which excites you and makes you feel like you want to tell everyone you know about your little find. This is how I felt when I first came across Suffolk company Scarlett & Mustard. I was walking around a local food fayre in 2015 when I saw a stall advertising dressings and sauces with really jazzy packaging which made me gravitate toward their wares. After many a taste test (we all know the drill at a food fayre, aren’t they just the best places in the world) I decided I was going to purchase some truffle oil and a lime and mint curd from a company which was new to me called ‘Scarlett and Mustard’. Oh.My.Gosh is all I have to say – the truffle oil was packed full of amazing truffle flavour and was great value for money and the curd was absolutely to die for. If you haven’t ever tried either of the latter I would suggest popping on over to the Scarlett and Mustard online shop and buying asap because words cannot describe how delicious they were.

Photo 24-09-2016, 15 07 15.jpg

So bearing that in mind, can you imagine how giddy I was when I arrived home one day to find new Scarlett and Mustard products to get my sticky little paws on! They kindly sent me one of their rapeseed oils infused with dill and also a peppery chilli rapeseed oil to test and share. I quickly got to work (oh what a hard life) and knocked up some food so I have some recipes to share with you lovely lot!


The first oil I tried was the ‘Peppery Chilli Rapeseed Oil’ which is made with spicy piquant chilli and is right up my street! I am totally the sort of person who puts chilli sauce on everything and anything, I love spice, so I was extra excited to try this. It is fairly hot so if you can’t take too much heat maybe use sparingly but aside from that, drizzle away! I used it like this…

Spaghetti Bolognese 

Is Spaghetti Bolognese normally spicy? No. Is that a good enough reason for you not to put this chilli oil into your bolognese? Also no! I love to mix things up; yes it is nice to cook things classically and the way they are meant to be but my god doesn’t that get boring, give things a twist! I fried my onion and garlic in this Scarlett and Mustard oil and then cooked as I normally would and it was delicious, I would recommend it.



Spicy Sausage Pasta

Pasta cooked in salt water and tossed in Scarlett and Mustard Chilli Rapeseed Oil. Simplistic heaven. Personally, I would eat just a bowl of that, possibly with some spinach wilted through it. The other half, not so much. You know what men are like, if I served him a bowl of plain delicious pasta he would look at me like I was mad and ask where the other half of his dinner was. So I fried sausage, fennel seeds and garlic and cooked with vegetables and passata to make a tasty pasta sauce. I didn’t add anymore chilli oil into it as it does have quite a kick so didn’t want to over do it as it was already on the pasta.



Mexican Brunch

Quite some time ago now I wrote this recipe for the most delectable Mexican style brunch and it is safe to say it was a hit! Lots of people told me they loved it so if you haven’t already tried it and you like tomato and eggs for brekkie, I suggest you might also love it 🙂 Well, thanks to my new addition in the kitchen in the shape of Scarlett and Mustard Chilli Oil this brunch has been taken up a notch. I cooked it in the same way as I always have, but at the end when plated up, I drizzled the oil sparingly over the finished dish and it was lush! You could also fry the ingredients at the beginning in the oil instead -that is what I love about cooking, you can just play around and make it different every time.

Photo 14-01-2017, 11 34 50.jpg


The second oil I was kindly provided to test was Scarlett and Mustard Fragrant Dill Rapeseed Oil . I’m not very well versed in the ways of dill, for no other reason than I have never really used it and wasn’t sure what it went with. In stepped the lovely Daniel – living with an ex chef really does have its perks, it is like having a cooking tutor on hand at all times. He informed me that dill goes well with fish and also potatoes, so I decided to try something I had never made before: Fishcakes!

I decided to make tuna fishcakes by mixing tinned tuna,  softened onion, dill oil and mashed potatoes together with an egg and then I shaped them into flattened balls and fried. After the patties had colour I transferred them onto a baking tray and cooked until golden. Bam, fishcakes done – easy peasey! I served with egg fried rice which is one of my favourite things to cook and to eat. I cook rice as usual then when its cool, put it in a frying pan with spring onions and a touch of soy sauce. That is cooked until the onions have softened a little then I put in a couple of eggs and scramble them about into the rice until cooked. I love quite peppery egg fried rice so I also grind in lots of cracked black pepper.The fishcakes, rice and also some tenderstem broccoli made a lovely meal  which I had never cooked before! I poured out some sweet chilli sauce to finish to dip my broccoli in, a guilty pleasure of mine! I have to thank Scarlett and Mustard for the inspiration for this dish as I would never have thought of it if it wasn’t for the dill oil 🙂



Let me know if you try this wonderful brand and you enjoy it, I would love to see what you make. Although this post is using gifted products, I genuinely had tried Scarlett and Mustard before and loved it – they are a local gem!

Just Hollie xox

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