Urban Jungle, Suffolk

Have you ever wondered what heaven looks like? All pearly white clouds, angels and cherubs right? Nope! To me it looks like Urban Jungle Suffolk, London Road, Beccles.

If you haven’t been to either branch of Urban Jungle (the Norfolk one is located in Costessey, Norwich) and you are King/Queen of the ‘gram, I would whip over there right this minute! Obviously I wouldn’t go somewhere JUST so I could Instagram it (heavens, no…) but this really is a budding photographers haven. Not to mention the delicious food, relaxing vibe and plants which are crying out to be bought (and if you’re anything like me, killed *sad face*). The Suffolk branch opened this summer after the success of it’s Norfolk big sister and I’m so glad it did considering it is 10 minutes from my house.


Myself and Dan popped into this little slice of heaven today to have lunch and the menu really is mouth watering. I had sweet potato and coconut curry which was the only totally vegan option, but seeing as I love curry this was music to my ears! Daniel had the most scrummy looking plate of hummus and lamb, accompanied by home made flat bread. Needless to say everything was just as tasty as it looked, Dan even accompanied his lunch with an Aperol Spritz, how very modern man of him, ey!? I opted for a far less flamboyant Earl Grey which was good all the same.

The tea and coffee selection they have is really quite vast and the lunch options seemed to accommodate all tastes too. I wish I had room for a slice of their homemade cake after my curry but alas not – I have tried a few in the past though and it’s worth a visit for that alone. Urban Jungle isn’t just a cafe, it is a fully functioning garden centre too with a lot of tropical ‘outdoor’ plants, cacti and other exotic things for your garden for sale. They also sell lots of bohemian trinkets for the home such as salt lamps, handmade woven rugs, plant pots and loads of other interesting pieces. I really do just want to buy it all and recreate the jungle in my living room but not sure how Dan would feel about that?

Apologies for not including photos of myself in this post but this visit was totally off the cuff and I had not dressed to be papped quite frankly #KeepingItReal.
I hope you get the chance to try Urban Jungle yourself at some point, it’s a real gem! Happy Sunday,

Just Hollie xox



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