Wedding series, 2: The planning begins…

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all enjoying this cold but gloriously sunny day, how rubbish is it that it’s meant to become virtually arctic next week – I am SO ready for spring to rear it’s beautiful head already.

Anyway, this isn’t the BBC Weather website, I’m back with the second instalment of my wedding series.  I hoped you enjoyed reading about my engagement – now is where it starts to get serious and the seemingly enormous task of planning the damn thing begins!

It is so hard to know where to begin when planning a wedding, there are a million and one things to take into consideration and knowing which order to do them in isn’t obvious. With the logistics of it all, the colour scheme, the budget, the timeline – it can all get a bit much and you do have to be super organised. My best friend Lauren has just bought me one of those cute wedding planner books and I feel it will super seed her in the best friend stakes and not leave my side! I’ve left a few links to ones which I like below (all Insta worthy of course!)

Ombré wedding planner by Blush and Gold – Not On The Highstreet


Personalised striped wedding planner – Etsy

The wedding book - Etsy

Gorgeous ‘Evergreen’ wedding planning set – Paperchase

Evergreen - Paperchase

I am pleased to report though I have made a start on the planning – we began with putting together a rough guest list which let me tell you is easier said than done!
Do you invite that long lost aunt, how many people from the office can you really include and that friend you haven’t seen in a couple of years? Who knows. The stance we have taken is, would I normally buy this person a meal and spend the day with them? If the answer is no, then we have had to think long and hard about whether to invite them or not. I believe that to truly enjoy your day you have to have people there who’s company you enjoy, feel relaxed in and whom you genuinely want to share the experience with. Let’s face it, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and do you really want to spend it on awkward small talk with people who barely know you day to day? Not on my watch!

Once that was finalised, we got to work on choosing a venue. Without knowing where and when you are getting married, you really can’t move forward with any other plans. Now I’m not going to disclose where or when we are getting married online just yet because we haven’t sent out our save the dates to our guests yet – but we’ve booked it and paid a deposit about 2/3 weeks ago now – EEKK!! I HAVE A WEDDING DATE!
We are getting married in a church local to where we both grew up (about half an hour from where we currently live in Ditchingham, Bungay) and then the wedding breakfast/reception is in a beautiful location on the Norfolk Broads – I have always loved being by the river/outdoors so I instantly fell in love with this venue.


So we have a rough guest list, a church and an evening venue – it’s all starting to get real! It is so hard to get my head around the fact that I’m going to be getting married and that I am planning a real life wedding. That may sound silly but I think when you are planning something which is over a year away, it’s hard to accept the fact that on that date, you are going to be a bride and it’s your very own wedding day. Or is that just me? I guess despite being nearly 26 I am still 18 in my head and the prospect of having a husband seems all too grown up! You’d think buying a house, having a corporate job and being an auntie several times over would do the trick but apparently not!

With having the basics covered, now it’s all about the detail and the really exciting part of wedding planning. I have chosen a local supplier Sam Wood to do my wedding stationery and will shortly be sending save the date cards to my nearest and dearest. I have a rough idea of colour scheme and we have chosen the people we would like to do the ‘important jobs’ on the day such as best man, bridesmaids etc.
Once my save the dates are out, next on my list is booking a photographer – I know exactly who I have in mind and I am PRAYING she is free on my date – I’ll reveal more once I have secured her (fingers crossed).


So that’s me for now – If anyone has any tips on wedding planning I am certainly all ears and as before, any suggestions on suppliers are welcomed – I am South Norfolk based and using all local suppliers, we are so lucky to have such talented people in Norfolk/Suffolk – the perfect place to get married some might say!

I’m off for a walk in the sun before I have to hibernate away from the snow – big love!

Just Hollie xox

*PS – If you’re interested, I am now on Pinterest and have a wedding mood board amongst others – Give me a follow for more wedding inspo!

Also, my feature image (and again above) is the amazing Lou Lou Loves, Hire and Styling, taken at a recent wedding fair at The Norfolk Showground!


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