A rainy bank holiday in Lavenham

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Happy Easter everyone!
I cannot believe it is the 2nd of April today, where on earth has the time between New Year and Easter gone? I hope you’re all filling your faces with chocolate, I’m currently face down in a vegan chocolate cake (you can see a pic on the ole ‘gram) – it’s the first vegan baking I’ve done and it turned out really well so expect to see more of that going forwards! Also I have to share with you lovely lot, I’m currently listening to The Weekend’s new EP ‘My Dear Melancholy’ and it’s absolutely wonderful, I’m obsessed with his music.

Anyway before I veer any further off topic, Lavenham. I don’t know if you know, but I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have been since that first book was released and I can’t step foot in Primark without leaving looking like I’ve been to some sort of convention. This was my initial reason for wanting to visit the small Suffolk town of Lavenham on Saturday. I don’t know about you but I like my Easter bank holiday weekend to be filled with walks, exploring and relaxation – often myself and Daniel will take ourselves off to a random town/city we haven’t been to before and go exploring. I had seen an article on Lavenham a few months ago and the topic was the Harry Potter film set.
The scenes in Godric’s Hollow, Harry Potter’s birthplace and house where he gained the infamous scar, were filmed in Lavenham! If you’re a fan you will know what I’m talking about, apologies if you don’t. Naturally anywhere which is anything remotely to do with Harry Potter draws me in, but it also was the pastel coloured medieval houses which I wanted to visit to see – hopefully you can tell from the pictures throughout this post why! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best for our visit so I will be making a beeline back there in the summer as the colours will look even more amazing in the sun.

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Lavenham is such a unique town in the fact that it has around 300 listed buildings and is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the UK. You can really feel the history just wandering the streets, it amazed me how well some of the buildings were kept in pristine condition, defying the years in which they have stood. There were crooked walls, wonky chimneys and tiny windows – all looking as if they had been made to be like that for a film set or something, despite being fully inhabited and functioning homes. I bet the houses cost a small fortune in Lavenham but it would be worth it to live in such a unique property – although hanging pictures straight may be a challenge!
We visited the Guildhall, the grey and white large building in these pics, which has been turned into a National Trust museum and was really interesting. It’s worth a visit if you do find yourself in Lavenham as it makes you really imagine what it would’ve been like in years gone by.

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For lunch we pre-booked a table at The Lavenham Greyhound for a tasty meal and a cheeky wine stop! The food was delicious, I had tempura battered purple sprouting broccoli for a starter and gnocchi with artichoke for main. I had never tried Jerusalem artichoke before and it was SO good, I thought it tasted a bit like plantain actually.
The wine was a smooth Pinot Noir; I have gotten into this particular red lately, it’s slightly lighter and easier drinking for the spring time than my usual Malbec or Rioja. I love tasting different wines, I keep meaning to book myself onto a tasting course to really learn about the different varieties, we are so lucky where I live in Bungay to be surrounded by local vineyards and wine tasting companies. One to put on the list ‘to do’ in the summer!
The only disappointment at The Greyhound on Saturday was the service – It felt like they were under staffed and rushing around which isn’t conducive to a relaxing lunch and made us feel like we couldn’t linger sat at our table at the end of our meal with our drinks as we usually would. I know it was bank holiday so it’s maybe unfair to mention this but even so, I like to honestly review places I’ve been! We walked past The Swan  which looked really nice too, it also has a spa which looked particularly inviting so you never know, a Lavenham spa review may be on the cards in the future (Dan if you’re reading this babe, that is a hint!).

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All in all I absolutely loved Lavenham and it’s a lovely day out if you like looking at beautiful houses, walking and lunching! It’s not far from the equally as lovely Bury St Edmunds so maybe a day combining the two would be nice as there’s not a huge amount to do in Lavenham if you’re not quite as easily pleased looking at houses all day as I am. The Cathedral and Cathedral Gardens in Bury St Edmunds are worth a look if you’re that way and the weather is nice.

So that’s it, I’m off to finish painting my bathroom now – I’m really stepping up my interior game this year so follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I’m getting up to!

Just Hollie xox

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