My YouTube subscription list

Happy Mondayyyy!!

How pleased are you that it’s Monday, raining and you haven’t woken up to a money tree at the bottom of the garden?!

Me either.

But what do I do when it’s cold outside and I need a little pick me up? YouTube!

I have been slowly getting into YouTube over the past year and I now have a hefty subscription list which I wanted to share with you guys and hopefully get some recommendations back. I was reluctant to ‘follow’ YouTubers to begin with as I really thought it was something teenagers did and that they were all vlogging themselves setting farts on fire or falling over but actually, I love it.

I wish I had the confidence and the big personality it takes to start a YouTube channel – I think for bloggers/Instagrammers it provides a whole other dimension to your following and you really get to know the people behind the social profiles.
I also like the chill out factor of being on YouTube; most videos/vlogs are about half an hour long and you can just get totally lost in someone else’s life for a while. It can be inspirational, educational or anything you want it to be. Want to learn about something? YouTube it. Want to find out about a country or somewhere in the world? YouTube. Workouts, recipes, how to properly tie a tie, how to change a tyre or anything else you could ever need – YouTube.

So here are my favourites!

Niomi Smart 

Niomi Smart YouTube

Niomi was the first person I subscribed to on YouTube and was the reason that I fell in love with it in the first place – as cheesy as that sounds! If you love healthy living, fitness and plant based food you need to follow Niomi. Her channel is a mixture of back stage at influencer events, cute trips with her beau, fashion, interiors and the aforementioned healthy inspo.
She whips out of bed before 7am most mornings, does a workout class (the classes of dreams) and looks the right side of dewy ALL of the time. Yes, I do want to be her and I am not ashamed.
Some people might take the stance that watching videos like Niomi’s promotes an unrealistic lifestyle as she obviously has privileges being a top influencer but I find it aspirational rather than demotivating – but I understand everyone is different. Check her out if you haven’t already, she is the cutest.

The Body Coach

The Body Coach YouTube

So I have a love/hate relationship with Joe Wicks – I think his voice is annoying, he speaks too quickly when doing those natty little recipes on social media and he needs a haircut. But those annoying recipes do taste good, deliver results and boy does he know how to work out. It’s those workouts which feature on The Body Coach YouTube channel and it is SO handy. If you can’t afford the gym/get bored of the gym or if you’re too shy so want to work out at home, these videos are for you. They’re full workouts and absolutely free, they also KILL me. I sometimes kid myself into thinking I’m fit and healthy, then I do a Joe Wicks workout and I remember that I have such small muscles! So this is one YouTube channel I need to visit more it would seem – I would definitely urge you to try it, just don’t expect to be able to walk the next day.



This handsome duo produce the most delicious looking vegan food you could ask for – unvegan vegan food I would call it. Something you could give to your meat loving boyfriend and he wouldn’t even notice it was plant based.
Ian and Henry have also recently put together a BOSH! cookbook which I am keen to get my hands on but it’s not released until 19th April but I know it won’t disappoint.
Their videos are short, super easy to follow and will change your evening meals, period.
Similar good ones to check out are Avant Garde Vegan and Wicked Healthy if you like this channel.

Sarah Ashcroft 

Sarah Ashcroft YouTube

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. This girl is a VIBE (if you know, you know).
Tanned, bikini clad and living the dream – Sarah is the one to follow if you need serious fashion inspo and a reminder to live your best life! She is constantly in another country and vlogs every step of the way – Ibiza, Bali, Thailand, Australia – you name the continent, she’s downing shots there. Sarah is my Instagram favourite and for ages I followed her on the app before typing her name into YouTube – she is so much more fun than I thought she would be from looking at her slinky Insta paps. I want every single item in her latest In The Style clothing and swimwear ranges – unfortunately my bank balance doesn’t want to know so Sarah, if you’re reading this babe, hook a girl up.

Madalin Giorgetta 

Madalin Giorgetta YouTube

The final name on my favourites list is the witty, beautiful Madalin. Aussie through and through, Madalin doesn’t take herself too seriously and I suspect she doesn’t know just how gorgeous she is. Doing it for girls with glasses everywhere, she is a Gym Shark ambassador and a fitness goddess! Her videos are mainly workout tips on how to grow that butt but also a behind the scenes peek at being a Gym Shark athlete and how to conquer your gym fears and anxieties too. She is a real girl’s girl and I love her refreshing, sunny attitude to exercise and life in general – she’s the type of girl you want to meet in the club toilets at 1am.

So that’s my top 5 YouTube subscriptions, I would really love to hear who you like to watch – anyone you think I would love? Let me know by commenting on this post or tweeting me @justhollieblog.

Big love, Just Hollie xox

All pictures taken directly from YouTube

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