A perfect day in Sheringham

Hello you lovely bunch!

Apologies it’s been a while, doesn’t time just fly by? As always I need an extra few hours a day to fit everything in (and when I say everything I do just mean sunbathing, drinking gin and having a 3 hour window doing nothing whilst my nail varnish dries).

I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday in England, weren’t we lucky with the weather! I follow fitness influencer Madalin Giorgetta on Instagram and she made me laugh as it was her first time in England over the bank holiday and she uploaded to her Insta stories ‘I don’t know why Brits are always complaining about the weather it’s beautiful here’ – little does she know we’ve just survived a second ice age!

My partner Dan purchased a barbecue last Friday in preparation for the family coming down for the weekend so naturally I’ve eaten nothing but barbecued Quorn sausages and griddled, smoked asparagus ever since. I shouldn’t complain, he is an amazing cook and I love to dine al fresco – if anyone has any brilliant vegan bbq recipes I would love to hear them please! I’ve heard barbecued banana is delicious but never tried it, anyone had it?

The reason I’m blogging today is I really wanted to share my bank holiday Monday with you all as we went to the nicest place and I barely knew it existed; I couldn’t face knowing other people may be missing out! We went to Sheringham Park, which is about an hour away from my house (Bungay) and it’s on the picturesque North Norfolk coast.


As is probably the case with most people when they’re looking for things to do/places to eat nowadays I found about this place on Instagram and knew I had to go, it looked full of beautiful flowers and leafy green woodland walks – perfect for a scorching hot day like Monday. So off we hopped in the car and it certainly didn’t disappoint.
The only entry fee was the car park charge – £5.70 per car – and then nothing further unless you wanted to buy food and drink in the National Trust cafe they have. I thought this was so reasonable, often for places like this you have to pay an entry fee each and a simple walk can turn out to be costly! It was also entirely free if you have a National Trust membership, which we are considering getting. At first this may make us sound like a 90 year old boring couple but we do actually go to quite a lot of National Trust places in a year. When we went to Lavenham we paid roughly £10 each to look around the guildhall for half an hour and we go to loads of castles so it may be worth it. I can hear your excitement as you’re reading this, I’m wild I know.

So anyway, if you haven’t been to Sheringham Park and you live nearby, you really should add it to your list of places to visit. The pictures throughout this post speak for themselves to be honest, look at how beautiful everything is! There are short or long walks, the one we did lasted about 3 hours and was about 7 miles (which in Monday’s weather wasn’t easy lemme tell ya) but there are much shorter routes. You don’t even have to go on a walk, you could just look at the flowers and take a picnic, but visiting the beach is worth the stroll.
The route we took started through woods and stunning rhododendron bushes, all different colours and sizes, I do love flowers. It then went through fields, along past the steam train station there and down to the beach. We did detour slightly and actually walk down to the train station as there were lots of engines running on Monday and I defy anyone to argue that steam trains aren’t both beautiful and fascinating!


Once you reach the beach it is comparable to the coast of Cornwall, the sea azure blue and the cliffs rolling for miles. I had no expectations of the day and didn’t know too much about Sheringham Park before we went, so I was utterly stunned that we found ourselves somewhere so beautifully unspoilt an hour away from home – why this place isn’t more shouted about in my neck of the woods I have no idea!
After 7 hot, sweaty miles we sat and had our picnic (mainly hummus and pitta bread, naturally) then decided to check out Sheringham town centre and main beach as neither of us had ever been before.

I can’t decide what I thought of Sheringham outside of the actual park. The town centre had fab ice cream and chips, but I do have a dislike for seaside town ‘tat’ shops and it seemed to have a few of those (not being snobby but I just prefer ‘posh’ seasides like Southwold or Aldeburgh as the shops/places to eat and drink are nicer). Likewise the beach seemed nice and clean but it was completely stones and no sand so don’t think I would want a whole beach day there. We did however stumble across the massively talented (Pirate Joe/) The Foreign Locals who are a great reggae/ska band – I LOVED their sound, they really remind me of Killamonjambo who are another local and very good band; A little known fact about me is reggae/ska/dancehall are my favourite types of music so I was really pleased when we walked past them performing in The Lobster pub in Sheringham!


All in all I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day – it was so nice to be exploring the North Norfolk coast with my fiancé and being in the sunshine with nowhere else to be and nothing to worry about – I swear I have seasonal affective dissorder as the weather/time of year makes such a difference to how I feel in myself, it’s like I’m a different person between April and October!
If you’d like more info on Sheringham Park here is the link to the website, I urge you to visit on a lovely day, you won’t regret it.

Just Hollie xox



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