Bowling House, Norwich

Friday night, date night?

When was the last time you went on a date with your significant other? Like a proper date – bowling, cinema, meal for two?
For me and my other half it had been a little while so I decided to take the bull by the horns a couple of weeks ago and book us in for bowling and food at the snazzy new Bowling House in Norwich city centre.


I had seen ‘BoHo’ on Instagram and I thought it looked really cool so this seemed the perfect place to go for our date. There seems to be a trend at the moment for bars/eateries with an added activity – such as the ping pong bars you can find in some major cities and the funky crazy golf bars which seem to be popping up all over London.
I think they’re a really good idea – they would be the ideal place to take someone on a first date to break the ice!

I booked Bowling House for 7pm Friday night last week, we were having 3 games of bowling and then they book you a dinner table for the rough time they think you’ll finish. The interior has been done so well, I absolutely love the use of lighting inside and the blue colour on the walls is absolutely dreamy, I would love a room in my house that colour. The actual building is near Toys R Us in the city centre, on Dereham Road – we parked in St Andrews car park, it’s only a 2 minute walk from there.
There are 5 bowling lanes in the perfectly sized building and you pay for bowling per game, per person. Bowling varies from £5.50 – £7.50 pp and there are different offers depending on which day you go so it’s worth checking out their website before you book if you are thinking about checking them out.


After I got well and truly beaten at bowling it was time for food! Half the reason I wanted to visit Bowling House was the food and drink menu, as much is the case most places I visit!! They serve the normal drinks you’d expect to find at a bar but also have an amazing looking cocktail menu; sadly I couldn’t order the blackberry and mint collins I had my eye on as I was designated driver for the night (I know – organising the date and driving – no you can’t marry me hun I’m taken!) but I will certainly be back for cocktails.
Food wise, they do ‘main plates’ and then smaller plates of food to go with the main you’ve ordered, kinda tapas style. In hindsight the mains were quite small so I should’ve ordered a couple of sides to go with it, but I just went for the BoHo salad and a side of thyme fries on the night which were both bloody delicious, but I could’ve done with a tiny bit more food. They did suggest a main and a couple of sides so I should just learn to listen to people! The salad was the vegan option from the mains and it didn’t disappoint – it consisted of quinoa, squash, tabbouleh, asparagus, courgette and roasted red pepper and was so good, I would order it again. I’ve got such a thing for asparagus at the moment, I’ve been eating it loads this season.


I would definitely recommend Bowling House for a night out – not just a date night but for a group of you or even to hire the whole place for a special occasion. It is such a nice change from the chain bowling alleys – I would never normally pick bowling as something I wanted to do but BoHo has changed that!
I do also feel the need to say this post isn’t sponsored in any way, I just genuinely loved the place and wanted to shout about it so you can visit and love it too 🙂

Just Hollie xox

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