Operation glowing summer skin

My skin isn’t the best.
I mean, it is supple, protects my body and I know it will age well, but all in all I’m a  big ole oil slick. I have always had an issue with spots and greasy skin since I was around 11-12 years old and at the ripe age of 25 I am still waiting to ‘grow out of it’.
As with most people my skin is sometimes better than others but I am really conscious lately as I plan my wedding (it’s next year) that I want it to look in tip top condition for the day and forever thereafter!

I have been fairly successful with improving the amount of blemishes on my squishy little face so I thought you might like to hear about it! I’m not reinventing the wheel here, it’s pretty basic stuff but I think sometimes we need reminding of the basics as there is so much noise out there in the beauty world but sometimes we need to take a step back.


Step 1) Water 

Told you it was simple steps didn’t I? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mainly to myself mind you. I go through phases with water – sometimes I’ll get through the day on several cups of tea, a wing and a prayer and sometimes I’ll be the picture of #healthblogger and drink 3 litres. I have been a lot more consistent lately drinking 1-2 litres a day, starting from first thing in the morning and ending with a glass of water in bed and I genuinely feel better for it as well as looking more awake!
Do you ever get the clammy feeling where your skin feels a bit oily and you can feel a breakout coming on? That used to be me most days and I accepted it was my horrible skin but I actually think it’s just dehydration! Now, if I feel that my skin is lacklustre and I’m feeling sluggish, I chug a glass or two of water and it’s like I’m a flower which has been watered!
I challenge you all to up your water intake continually for a month and you’ll get used to feeling more hydrated and you will definitely notice in future when you need to drink more. Clever our bodies aren’t they?

Step 2) Luxe Health Supplements

A couple of months ago the lovely owner of Luxe Health contacted me and asked if I would like to try her new supplements made to aid healthy, glowing skin and of course I jumped at the chance! I know a lot of people who don’t think taking lots of vitamins and pills really works but I have forever been a multivitamin fan and have had some brilliant results in the past with supplements. Good skin and good health for that matter come from within and if you do have spots, dry skin or any other skin complaint generally it can be cured with the things you put in you, not on the outside.
I can safely say I’m now a Luxe Health super fan, these pills will make you glow like Kimmy K I tell ya! I got sent a months supply and took two pills a day – they stopped me getting so many blemishes, my skin looked smoother and it just looked slightly more ‘radiant’, even if I do say so myself!
The pills main makeup is collagen – an ingredient I’m sure you’ve seen banded about on skincare adverts everywhere promising to give you the elixir of youth by slapping cream on your face. But instead of putting it on the outside, why not ingest it?
Collagen is essential for your body and we naturally make less of it ourselves as we get older so we need to give ourselves a helping hand. I know the first thing people think of when they hear the word collagen is anti-wrinkle creams, but it’s not just about your fine lines. Collagen is important throughout our body, keeping our joints supple, replacing dead skin cells and stops our bones degenerating. It can help with stretch marks, relieve arthritis and so much more.
Skin Luxe supplements contain not only collagen, but other essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, B12 and co-enzyme Q10 powder.

I couldn’t now be without these little tablets each morning now – if you want to buy yours they’re £16.99, the link the the website is below and I would suggest a cheeky Instagram follow, their feed is sass x 100 plus you there are often discounts for followers.


Step 3) Swapping my sun screen

The weather has been alright hasn’t it! My usual trouble in the hot weather is protecting my face; it is so important to not burn and protect your most sensitive skin but sun cream makes my skin break out in seconds. It clogs my pores and turns my forehead into a deep fat fryer, not a vibe. Cue The Body Shop! I have recently discovered Body Shops skin defence multi-protection essence with SPF50 and it is lush. It provides max protection from the sun but also has vitamin C in which is having a complete moment right now – vitamin C serum is on every bloggers skincare must have list it seems! I can’t sing this products praises enough, it feels so nice on your skin and even on a cold and cloudy day can be used as a day cream to protect skin from environmental factors which can make our skin below its best. The Body Shop have come on a long way from the fruity smelling shop I used to spend hours in when I was 13 I must say!

Step 4) Eat the rainbow 

You’ll know by now if you read my blog regularly or follow me on Instagram that I went vegan just before Christmas last year and it has changed my life in so many ways. Luckily for me, one of those things has been my body and my skin! Whilst I still get the odd blemish i have had people say my skin looks healthier, brighter and I have certainly noticed that I don’t get any dry patches or uneven skin since making the change. My makeup goes on better and the oil levels in my skin has subsided slightly – I won’t bang on about it here but I urge you all to try it for a month, you’ll not regret it i promise you.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I think part of going vegan improving my skin is down to the variety of fruit, vegetables and beans/pulses I now eat – so many more than before! The amount of fruit and veg I now consume means I am getting a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals which I wasn’t before which can only be a good thing for the skin. I really try and live by the ‘eat the rainbow’ motto (I don’t mean skittles) and vary the colour of the veg I am using every meal. I now eat a lot of broccoli, cavolo nero, aubergine, sweet potato (the best for your skin), cauliflower, samphire and soooo much more. I load veg onto my meals in a bid to be the healthiest I can be and I can feel it working from the inside out. Nature is the best ❤

Final step) Wearing less makeup 

Did you know Meghan Markle didn’t wear foundation when she got married last weekend? She wanted people to see her freckles as she loves them so much – what a woman!
Well if it’s good enough for Meghan it’s certainly good enough for me – I’ve stopped wearing regular foundation in the office and I’ve started using either a BB cream or just using concealer and powder, depending on how I’m feeling on any given day. I never used to wear foundation every day when I was a bit younger and slowly I started wearing more makeup on a daily basis, but I’m not sure I like it. Being a glasses wearer I have always preferred wearing a full face of makeup when I’m sans glasses either at the weekend or on a night out/special occasion because I find my glasses rub the makeup off from around my nose/eye area and it’s so annoying (another joy of really oily skin, no foundation is truly longwear, trust me!). So I have gone back to this way of wearing my makeup and as my skin has got naturally clearer I’ve felt more confident doing so, also having a bit of colour from the sun definitely helps me feel like I can go without! Now when the weekend comes and I’m doing something nice, it feels like a treat to cover my face with my full makeup routine and my face is thanking me for it! Everyone is different and I know for some people they would never consider a day without full makeup but I really have enjoyed switching up my routine – a change is as good as a holiday they say don’t they?!

And that’s it, that is what I’m doing differently lately! Have you got any good skincare tips which I must know about? Comment on this post or DM me on the ‘gram/tweet me – you’ll find me @JustHollieBlog xox


*Post contains gifted product but views are my own and I am always honest about products I review 🙂

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