Erpingham House


Flower walls everywhere, a huge fake tree covered in fairy lights, dusky pink velvet chairs, neon signs and cocktails in watermelons. You want to go already right and I haven’t even told you what it is?!

Erpingham House is the gorgeous new plant based, mainly gluten free restaurant opened in Tombland, Norwich. Up until its opening I had been tracking the progress of this exciting new venture on Instagram for a few months, where owner Louis Blake kept teasing followers by sharing snaps of the interior or some mouthwatering vegan food, I couldn’t wait to get my first visit booked!
Finally after literally months of anticipation Erpingham House opened on the 27th May to the public and within minutes of the first bums beings on those snazzy pink seats they were all over social media and causing a real stir. Naturally I don’t like to miss out so I booked up pronto for the weekend after, 3rd June, as it was my birthday (26, better start adulting properly soon!). 

From the moment we walked up the grand steps into Erpingham House, we were welcomed with such warmth, you couldn’t help but feel the team running the place really were passionate about what they had created. We were taken to our seats and I conveniently found myself with a pink and white flower wall behind me – I lost count of the amount of times I asked Dan to take a picture of me, you’ve got to make the most of these things haven’t you!
Food and drink wise we started with cocktails, naturally, which were really tasty. I had a pornstar martini and the boy had a ‘perfect G & T’ which he did confirm lived up to its name. The menu consists of large plates and small plates so you can either have a normal meal structure with a main meal and possibly sides or you could order a mix of smaller plates and make it a more tapas like situation. We went for a sharer starter, main meals each and two of the smaller plates to share.
The starter to share was a chilli nacho bowl and OHmagawd it was f’ing delicious. The nicest vegan chilli I have ever eaten (and I’ve tried more than a few). We learned after eating it that the chilli was made from desiccated coconut which blew my mind slightly! It didn’t taste like coconut at all, we were trying to guess when eating it what it was made from and coconut didn’t cross our minds.


For my main meal I had mac and cheese which comes with a side of greens, Dan had risotto cakes. I was probably 90% happy with my mac, I had seen pictures of it online which looked saucier than the one I had so after a while it became a little dry to eat but other than that the flavour was lush, you got quite a lot and the greens were SO good. Dan really liked his risotto cakes but again after a little while found the dish a little dry, but with another gin and tonic to wash it down with he had little to complain about.
We got a couple of sides with the meal, some potato wedges and also some tabbouleh stuffed baby aubergines. Both sides were tasty and I would love to try more of the menu – the cashew jackfruit korma sounds insane but unfortunately was sold out when we went but hey ho, definitely an excuse to go back!  To be honest I literally want to try the whole menu so I will be back!

Safe to say after the massive plate of pasta I had eaten I was more than full but Louis kindly offered me a free dessert being my birthday, which I couldn’t say no to. I chose the salted caramel slice which was super indulgent, so much so I could only manage half! I have seen that since ginger stick toffee pudding has been added to the menu so, you guessed it, I’ll be trying that asap!


All in all I really enjoyed the food and drink at Erpingham house and would recommend a visit. It is a tad pricey – we had two cocktails each, shared a starter and had a main with a side each and it came to £90 which we wouldn’t normally spend on a meal for two! But it was my birthday so if you can’t be treated then, when can you?!

Also worth mentioning is that they have a cafe open too for breakfast and lunches which looks a real treat. The premises has more than one floor – the cafe being the ground floor and then the restaurant and bar on the next level. They are serving things like acai bowls, porridge, beauty bowls and protein balls which is the sort of food I ADORE for brunch so I’ll let you know when get round to checking their cafe out what its like.

I really like what Erpingham House have done, creating a relaxing yet opulent environment for a restaurant you can go to and be safe in the knowledge everything is plant based and as eco friendly as possible. They are plastic free too, which unless you live down a rabbit hole you will know is a hot topic within the UK at the moment. Long live plant power I say and I really hope we see more and more great places like Erpingham House popping up across Norfolk/Suffolk so non vegans can see what all the fuss is about if nothing else!

Just Hollie xox


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