New friends in old places

Anyone reading this over the age of around 23/24 will almost definitely agree with me that it is hard to make new friends. You’ve long since left school/college/uni where you’ve either kept in touch with the friends you’ve had or you don’t (personally I have 2 people who have been my best friends since year 9 at school and everyone else are really more acquaintances). I work in an office where again, I have 2 people who I spend time with outside of work but everyone else, although lovely, live their own lives as soon as 5.15 comes around.
Don’t get me wrong I love everyone in my life, my existing friends and family, but sometimes you just think to yourself ‘is this it?’ As you grow through your twenties and early thirties I feel that you change a lot as a person and maybe the people you’ve always known aren’t quite enough anymore. People move on, move away or simply don’t share the same lifestyle as you (children, jobs etc.) so when that happens, what do you do?


If it was a partner you were after, you could simply get yourself on Tinder, go on a few dates and eventually you’re probably going to bag yourself a new boy/girlfriend. But there is no Tinder for friends, so how do you meet people? I think if you’ve got children its slightly easier as you’ve got other mums/dads at school, at play dates and your children make friends bringing you naturally together. But I’m 26 with no children and I’m really quite shy – without putting an ad in the yellow pages I was stuck for ideas. 

All hail Instagram, this addictive little app really came up trumps for me today. I saw a post from a fellow blogger/Instagrammer about a Suffolk blogger meet up happening in my hometown of Beccles and immediately contacted her to say I wanted in!
Being a blogger is such a fab way of meeting people but with myself only blogging occasionally I don’t go to a lot of events or get a massive chance to meet other local bloggers but I was really keen to get involved in this particular event. It was held at Urban Jungle Suffolk which is 10 minutes from my house which seemed like fate that I should meet this lovely group of ladies.

I don’t always feel the most comfortable meeting groups of people I don’t know but for whatever reason I wasn’t nervous walking into Urban Jungle this morning which must’ve been a sign that I knew these women would be my type of people and I was so right. We ate brunch, drank iced lattes (and later on some lush Pimms) and just chatted for a few hours about all sorts of different things. We spoke about our blogging which has really given me a kick up the bum to make more time for the thing I love to do (speaking to you lovely lot!) but also chatted about things you normally speak to your friends about.

2018-08-05 04.08.31 1.jpg

I truly feel this group of ladies have come along just when I needed a boost and the confidence to know that I’m not on the social scrap heap after all. I may have met friends for life today or I may never see them again (although I hope that’s not the case) but either way, I had a really good time and I feel fab for it. I’m going to make more of an effort to be sociable from now on – I have always had a slight anxiety when it comes to mixing with people I don’t know but I really feel like I’m getting over it. Amazing how you change the older you get, even just a year ago I wouldn’t have done what I did today.

If you’re reading this and you have a million friends and don’t know what I’m talking about then you are really lucky but if you too, like me, struggle to meet genuine people who you really connect with I promise all is not lost – just put on your bravest, biggest smile and get yourself out there.


*Excuse the poor quality pic, it was sent to me via the ‘gram

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