Rum ‘n’ Tonic – the new gin?

It’s no newsflash that I like my booze. If you follow my Instagram you’ll often see me sipping on a wine or a gin, in fact I’ve got a crisp, cold glass of white on the go whilst I write this – but until now I hadn’t really ever tried rum.


I was kindly invited by Turtle Bay last Friday to try their new food menu but also their new Rum ‘n’ Tonic menu. They have added six premium parings to the rum menu, all slightly different but available as a single or double with a Double Dutch tonic.
Having not really drunk rum before I was intrigued and this sounded like a tasty way to try the Caribbean liquor. There are 40 rums on offer in Turtle Bay so I was pleased that the descriptions were so good on the new rum’n’tonic menu – I selected the one I wanted as it said that it had coconut and vanilla notes which are flavours I love. It was an El Dorado 3 ‘n’ cucumber & watermelon tonic and it was really tasty! I would probably ask for it as a longer drink if I were to have another one in future as I’m a bit of a wetty when it comes to alcohol and don’t like it to taste strong but other than that I would definitely go again. Don’t get me wrong it’s no replacement for a gin (my number one tipple and can’t see that ever changing)  but it really did compliment the gorgeous curry I was eating. 
Unfortunately I was driving when I went to try this new menu so I was only able to test one of the six rum’n’tonic pairings but rest assured I’ll be back for more! For those of you who don’t know, its also worth noting that cocktails are 2-4-1 after 10pm in the Norwich branch (may well be nationwide but I only frequent my local Turtle Bay) and the cocktails are so nice and really good value for money! I would definitely recommend it as somewhere to go for a few drinks before heading onto a club maybe or for a night cap after a meal in the city.


I also had a look at the new menu when I was in Turtle Bay last Friday night – there are new burgers and also smaller plates, tapas style which include hummus, flatbread and all sorts of tasty bits to try even if you are plant based like myself. There is a vegan burger (pictured above) which I want to go back and try as it looked lush but I actually chose an aubergine one pot curry when I was there for this review which turned out to be a delicious choice. My fiancé joined me and chose the meat eater options and confirmed he enjoyed his food also, he tried the goat burger from the new menu and loved it!
For starter I had ‘Doubles’ which are described on the menu as the following; two ‘puffed up’ bara roti flatbreads, curried chickpeas, cucumber chutney, hot sauce. The pictures of the food speak for themselves really but I cannot sing Turtle Bay’s praises enough when it comes to choice and variety of food, they really do cater for everyone.
As if I wasn’t happy enough with my meal, I ‘forced myself’ into having dessert in the form of salted caramel brownie. I nearly fainted with delight when I saw the [ve] next to the brownie on the menu (everything vegan is clearly labelled) and couldn’t stop myself from ordering it. I’m not joking when I say it was the best brownie I have ever eaten and is reason alone to pop over to Turtle Bay’s website and book yourself a table pronto!


I have been a big fan of Turtle Bay since covering their launch back in August 2016 and for me they haven’t faltered since, the service and food is always impeccable. I must give a big shout out to whoever served me on the Friday night I visited, I didn’t manage to catch her name unfortunately (small, brunette girl) but she was THE nicest waitress ever. Thank you to Turtle Bay for letting me try the new menu in return for a review, I will be back for more soon!
P.S, if you do one thing off the back of this review, try the plantain as a side plate or starter, you will not regret it.


Just Hollie xox

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