Wedding series, 3: The dress

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my wedding plans (read my proposal story here and my first visit to a wedding fair back in February here) so I thought I would do a bit of an update for those of you interested!
I can’t believe my last wedding post was 9 months ago back in Feb, it honestly seems like just mere weeks ago I was writing that after my first overwhelming visit to a wedding fair. The scary thing is, it is only just longer than the distance between then and now compared to now and my actual wedding! It’s under a year to go now and I know it’s going to just fly by – really time to ramp up the planning I think, eek!


(Quick note by the way – I struggled for pictures to put into this post as I obviously couldn’t post pics of my trying on my wedding dress, so I’ve sprinkled this with pics of my all time favourite famous wedding looks. Let me know your fav in the comments, I would love to know!)

I haven’t completely been resting on my laurels – on top of the venue and church which was all I had booked last time I wrote about this we now have a photographer, stationary, florist, DJ, decor/prop hire and most importantly I HAVE A DRESS!!! That’s really what I wanted to write about in this post today, because it’s just a dreamy as you would imagine trying on all of the beautiful dresses and prancing about like a princess!

I decided the first place I would go to find my dream wedding dress would be Wed2B. The branch I visited was in Castle Mall Norwich, but if you’re not local to the area there are shops all over the country. The great thing about this shop is that you don’t have to make an appointment and you can take your dress home there and then on the day. This is really unusual but actually, the concept works. Wed2B have dresses of all sizes, but they don’t have each dress in every size – they get a delivery regularly, only so many of a certain style at a time and in limited sizes so the selection to choose from could be different every time you went. The dresses are not altered by the shop themselves, but instead you buy off the peg and then find a seamstress afterwards to do any alterations you may need (the shop gave me a list of seamstresses they recommended). I was slightly concerned before going that because the dresses were bought there and then without an appointment it wouldn’t feel as special or that the women who worked there would make it feel rushed, but I was so wrong. I genuinely had the best experience in this shop and the delightful woman who helped me try on the dresses and decide the best one for me was so brilliant at her job!
I tried on 8 dresses in total, luckily for me the shop was really quiet at the time I went so I could afford to take my time and really exhaust every option – this helped me make up my mind when I found ‘the one’. The dress I chose was actually the second one I tried on and I instantly loved it, but I wanted to try others just so in my mind I could rule out other fabrics and styles and really know I had made the right choice. The trying on process was a new one for me – never before have I had to be nearly naked in front of a shop assistant! I wore Spanx as I knew that any other underwear would be potentially visible beneath the slinkier dresses and I was really glad I chose these as they make me feel extra confident when trying the different styles on. I ended up going bra-less trying the dresses on as most of them were either corseted or had some sort of built in cups which was really useful, I had been worrying about what sort of bra I would wear on the big day (I’m not what you’d call flat chested shall we say!).



After trying on the 8 different dresses, I asked to try on the one I loved again just to be sure and feel it on again. If you’re reading this and you’ve been married or worn wedding dresses before you’ll know what I mean when I say that I have never felt more attractive or fabulous in my life! The dresses are designed to make you look and feel great but ‘the one’ made me feel so sassy and great I never could have predicted the feeling. Prior to going shopping I was actually feeling really self conscious and a bit down in the dumps about my body, thinking that I wouldn’t find anything that I felt ‘nice’ in and thinking that I would get upset when I saw my reflection in the dresses – how wrong I was. I also got my accessories from the same shop, the assistant was really good at making suggestions on what to buy to go with the style I had chosen and I came away feeling more than happy with my choice and the whole experience. Two and a half hours and I was nearly done – I just need some shoes now!
One more reason I would suggest Wed2B (not sponsored or anything, just loved the shop) is the price of the dresses. I forced myself not to look at any prices when choosing a dress as I didn’t want it to influence my choice but I really was flabbergasted at how inexpensive the dress I chose was. I had always said that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on my wedding dress as I simply just don’t think it’s necessary but I was willing to spend more if I couldn’t find a reasonably priced one I liked. Well – I’ve got the most beautiful dress and it’s all I had dreamt of – I won’t divulge exactly how much it was but let’s just say I could buy two of them for the price of my Mulberry handbag…

So wedding dress done, next on my list is a selection of the smaller things which you can only really start to do when it comes closer to the time. Bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen outfits, cake, cars, the list really is endless when it comes to this grand occasion. I am enjoying the process of wedding planning, it’s less stressful than I had imagined it to be quite honestly but then maybe as it gets closer to the time I may change my mind on that! Next up is my engagement photo shoot – watch this space (or more like watch the ‘gram)!


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