Procoal Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Face Scrub

Is there anything that feels more satisfying than using a face scrub? Not for someone like myself with oily, problem skin there isn’t. It was rumoured that Marilyn Monroe washed her face up to 15 times a day to keep it clean and to minimise blemishes, but I’ve got something slightly more practical for you lovely lot! (FYI Marilyn I feel you, sometimes at work my face feels so awful I could stick my head in the sink, oh to have non-greasy skin I tell ya!).


I was lucky enough recently to be gifted a tube of Procoal’s new face scrub, which as soon as I squeezed a blob onto my hand I knew I would love. Full of gritty yet gentle pieces of pumice and charcoal which make you feel like its really doing something to your skin. These ingredients work alongside Allantoin and Calendula Oil which are the more silent skincare saviours, I can honestly say it makes your skin feel clean, glowy and makeup goes on smoother as a result.
I will admit, when Procoal approached me about trying their facial exfoliator I had never heard of the brand but I love the fact that they’re 100% vegan, they have such an ethical philosophy and also it began as a husband and wife duo in England. They are cruelty-free and really care about the story behind the products – something I think all brands would be wise to do in this day and age of a more eco-conscious generation.

I would recommend using this product every other day to get the best results (unless you have particularly sensitive skin in which case probably a couple of times a week will do) using a non-abrasive cleanser on the alternate days. I really do think that adding an exfoliator like this one is beneficial to all skin types – personally with oily skin like I’ve already said, I feel it deep cleans my skin and makes it feel less congested whereas someone with drier skin could benefit by sloughing away dead skin cells meaning any moisturiser applied can reach the layers of the skin it needs to. I am a trained makeup artist (non-practising these days!) and I cannot tell you the frustration of working on dry skin which needs a good exfoliation, you just know that given a week of using a product such as this Procoal scrub the makeup you’re applying would look 100 times better!

This post is about a gifted product but I would very genuinely pay money for this charcoal scrub as it has made my face feel lovely, and you can’t ask for more than that!

If you do fancy trying this face scrub or anything else from Procoal’s range of products (I’ve got my eye on their Charcoal teeth whitening powder and possibly a shampoo bar – has anyone tried these?) then I have a discount code for you!
Simply click on this link – PROCOALJUSTHOLLIE – for 20% off until 19th May 2019.
Happy Shopping! 

Just Hollie xox

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