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It’s been a while since I’ve shared my own recipes for you all rather than reviewing other people’s food, so when Buy Whole Foods Online kindly sent me some ingredients to try I jumped at the chance to get the creative juices flowing! If you’re anything like me and spend hours browsing health food stores and love healthy, natural ingredients then you have to check out the Buy Whole Foods Online website – they have all kinds of ingredients in bulk, everything you could ask for – I literally have to stop myself buying everything on their site!!
I would just like to tell you a little about the company before sharing my recipes for their beetroot powder and juniper berries, as they have a lovely back story. BWFO was started in 2007 by two cousins who loved whole, healthy foods, and their first office was a garden shed! The two men worked from a shed developing the company for 4 years, before finally moving into larger premises in 2011. The business is now more as you would imagine a global enterprise to be, running from a large warehouse in Ramsgate and is growing all of the time! It’s such an inspiring story, I wish I had the patience and drive to do something like that but unfortunately for me if something isn’t an overnight success, I give up pretty quickly – something I’m working on.

Below I have two amazing (if I do say so myself) recipes for you using ingredients from Buy Whole Foods Online – I would love to hear from you if you do recreate these yourself – send me some pictures or tag me @justhollieblog on both Instagram and Twitter!


Beetroot and Goats Cheese Risotto 

Beetroot powder from Buy Whole Foods Online
Boiled beetroot (make sure it’s not pickled)
Arborio rice
Goats cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Brown miso paste
Red onion chutney
Truffle oil spray (optional)
Mixed leaf salad
Cracked black pepper


  • Measure a cup full of arborio rice or any other risotto rice you’d like to use and fry it off in some oil for a few minutes in a heavy-based frying pan
  • Mix some miso paste with boiling water and a stock cube if you wish and slowly add this to the risotto rice a few splashes at a time, stirring like mad the entire time. Wait until the rice has absorbed all of the liquid before adding more and continue on adding a small amount at a time.
  • Once the risotto has been cooking for around 15 minutes, add a tablespoon or two depending on your taste of Wholefood’s beetroot powder, turning it a beautiful pink colour and adding depth of beetroot flavour.
  • In between adding your stock and stirring, grate some boiled beetroot into the risotto and also add a tablespoon of red onion chutney.
  • Once the risotto rice is cooked and the consistency is creamy but not too firm (it should not hold it’s shape on a plate but be more like porridge) stir in cracked black pepper and also add some goats cheese (keeping some to sprinkle on top).
  • Serve in a dish with a side salad and the cheese, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top and some truffle if you are that way inclined!
  • Enjoy your pink meal and be sure to take pics for the ‘gram  😀



Smreka (Fermented Juniper Tonic – good for your guts!)

Juniper berries from Buy Whole Foods Online
Brown coconut sugar (or another sugar of your choosing, this is just my favourite)
1 whole lemon
Tap water
You will need a clip lid Kilner jar or a large water bottle that it can ferment in for at least a week 



  • In a sterilised jar add a cup full of Wholefood’s juniper berries, a tablespoon of sugar and a whole lemon cut into quarters.
  • Fill the jar up to the top with cold water and close the lid tight.
    The natural yeast on the juniper berries will begin to ferment, fed by the sugar, but will remain flat so is a great alternative to kombucha for those not keen on a fizzy drink.
  • Leave for around 10 days making sure you open the jar at least every other day to release the built up gas, leaving for a shorter or longer period of time to suit your taste.
  • Once ready, put through a sieve or some muslin to strain and pour into a container you can keep in the fridge.
  • To serve, fill a quarter glass with ice cubes and fill with your Smreka halfway. Top up the other half of your drink with soda water and add a couple of mint leaves if you so wish (I like lots of mint in mine!)

This drink is amazingly refreshing and would be great neat if you like the stronger taste or with a bit of cheeky gin added for an alcoholic drink which has health benefits (and who doesn’t like the sound of that!)


I will be sharing some more recipes using ingredients gifted by Buy Whole Foods Online soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Just Hollie xox


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