Unruly Print – ‘Learn to Lino’ workshop


Last Friday night I was sat on the A14, stuck in traffic whilst rainclouds loomed above, but what awaited me was worth it; I was on my way to attend a ‘Learn to Lino’ lino printing workshop hosted by the talented Andy aka Unruly Print. This isn’t a usual Friday night activity for me, I haven’t done anything arty since I was allowed to drop the subject in year 9 at school, and even then what I produced was reminiscent of someone giving it a go with their eyes closed, so I was slightly apprehensive that I would be no good at lino printing. I needn’t have worried, as Andy was a brilliant teacher and actually the beauty of lino printing, I found anyway, was that the imperfections translated onto print as interesting detail and I don’t think you could really get it too far wrong.

The workshop began with Andy telling us a little about lino printing and the different tools and materials which can be used, and gave us a tour around our workstations so we could work safely and choose the type of lino we liked best to work with. It was so interesting just having a little play around with the different types of lino and the different tools you could carve your design with, the variations of designs you could make were vast! I decided to use tracing paper and trace my blog logo – forever trying to get my name out there 😉 It was fairly difficult for me to get my head around the whole concept of whether to write my words normally or back to front, because obviously you’re going to use the lino to then print your design in reverse, but luckily for me Andy is an expert and was on hand to help!


Once I had finished carving my lino, which I’ve got to say I was pretty pleased with, it was inking and printing time! You might have guessed I chose to mix myself a lovely pink to use with my design – Andy had provided us with lovely little notebooks we were going to print on so we had a nice keepsake from the lesson. We were using a big old school lino press so I had to find some muscle to press my design, but it was so fun to see the techniques and find out about something so creative. I was pleased as punch with my print and we also got to take our lino plates home so I now have my logo ready to cover with paint and press onto anything I like! Just Hollie merchandise anyone?


I would really recommend attending the next Unruly Print, Learn to Lino workshop if you’re at all interested in different creative art forms or maybe you’d like a new inexpensive hobby – It would be great actually to buy a little set to design and print your own Christmas cards or for a fun activity to do with slightly older children. The next workshop is being held on the 14th September at Zest in Ipswich – you can click here for tickets to the event.  30% of the price of the ticket goes to charity so you’re also doing something good by attending, not to mention the fact it was so relaxing concentrating on something creative for a couple of hours. When was the last time you took time out of your day for yourself to do something like this, with no technology or distractions?

I really hope to see you at the next workshop if you’re in the Ipswich area, or even if you’re not maybe you’ll be inspired to give a new hobby a go? Let me know if you do buy tickets or start something new off the back of this post, I would love to hear!

Just Hollie xox

* This post contains a gifted experience in exchange for social coverage and a blog post, however I did previously know Andy of Unruly Print and can 100% say my opinion is genuine – he’s a talented guy!


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