Athleisure – Best trend of 2019?

Sports wear that you don’t have to break a sweat in? I’m there.

You may have noticed a rise in sporty looking everyday clothing and even workout inspired evening wear – you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone in leggings or joggers at the moment and I’m loving it. Up until probably the beginning of this year you would’ve felt out of place going to the shops in your workout gear but move into summer 2019 and its positively encouraged! Ever wanted to go on a night out in joggers?ย  Now you can!
It’s a trend that I think confuses men and divides women, you either love it or you hate it. I was slightly reserved at first but thenย Femme Luxe Finery sent me a lounge wear set and now I’m slightly hooked! I love that you can buy the matching sets and either wear them together or mix and match like I have in the picture below. You can style them down with trainers and a cap or dress them up with hoops, a killer pair of heels and extra sass.

I was lucky enough to be gifted this set from Femme Luxe Fineryย as part of an ongoing collaboration but I have since purchased more athleisure after they ignited my passion for it! Recently, as you will have seen from my Instagram, I went to a Spice Girls concert and the platform trainers ruled supreme! I was so jealous of all of the chunky white trainers people were rocking Baby Spice style that they’re next on my to purchase list.
I am also a BIG advocate of the backpack resurgence, ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you that lately I am rarely seen without a bag on my back – sometimes looking more Dora the Explorer than Sarah Ashcroft but I live in hope that someone will think I’m that cool girl (I’m not). I’ve included below a picture of me at said Spice Girls gig with my backpack and bunches for your amusement, I was going for sexy Emma Bunton but ended up looking exactly like myself but in 1995.

I will leave you that image, of me squealing like an over excited child whilst singing Spice Up Your Life, but I would just like to say that genuinely (although I have been gifted the items) Femme Luxe Finery’s lounge wear sets are brilliant and a great alternative to real sports wear that you ACTUALLY have to work out in.

Just Hollie xox

Spice girls!

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